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24% off Vivo NEX Dual Screen 4G Phablet Global Version – Blue Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

Coupon Price :$699.99 Regular Price : $926.98 Your Save : $226.99 Coupon Limit: 50 times Warehouse: Hong Kong Expires : March 31, 2019

Vivo NEX 4G Phablet

  • Double-sided Screen
  • Triple Cameras
  • Intelligence Assistant

Double-sided screen appearance

NEX dual screen version is innovatively equipped with two display screens, no bangs real full screen unlimited extension on the front, and a full-HD screen on the back starring brings a new vision and experience. The future is more than one side.

Three lens

NEX dual-screen version uses Sony IMX363 sensor, 4-axis OIS optical image stabilization, 12 million dual-core pixel main lens, and equipped with TOF 3D stereo lens and night vision lens. The three lenses are shared by the front and rear camera modes, and the camera experience is fully upgraded.

Help camera

NEX’s double-sided screen brings useful and fun new camera features. When using the front screen to take pictures, the back screen can be displayed at the same time, and the subject can adjust the posture to guide the photographer to compose the picture and make a satisfactory result.

Dual screen touch

NEX brings a rich dual screen function and brings a new experience. The back screen is an upgrade of the game experience. At the same time, the front button can be clicked on the back screen to realize the click of the designated button in the game”, which reduces the difficulty of operation caused by the intensive game buttons, like the game handle, the calm game, no longer busy,

10GB RAM + Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Flagship configuration

NEX dual-screen version uses the industry’s 10GB RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, with Adreno 630 GPU display chip, plus the new Android 9.0 operating system, top software and hardware combination, strong performance, low power, give you smooth and unparalleled The experience of using.

Fifth generation screen fingerprint unlock

After four generations of technology accumulation, the screen fingerprint of vivo has been upgraded again. NEX dual screen version on the front screen equipped with vivo fifth generation screen fingerprints, using 3P lens, Microlens technology and DSP technology for all-round optimization, free to unlock, one step ahead.

Magic Case

NEX’s back screen provides an off-screen pattern to choose from, you can also customize the picture and text according to your own interests, the back screen is your variable phone case, fashion trends, fun personality, all defined by you.

Jovi – the artificial intelligence assistant of vivo

Jovi, enjoy vivo’s Al is the artificial intelligence assistant of vivo. NEX dual-screen version adds “Jovi” option in the settings, click “Jovi”, you can present the Al smart experience beyond your imagination, and enjoy a smarter life with easier and convenient. Less

vivo V15 Pro Gearbest Coupon Promo Code [6+128GB]

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17% off vivo V15 Pro 4G Phablet Global Version – Blue Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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vivo V15 Pro Best Price DEALS

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True Full Screen V15 pro with a real comprehensive screen, bring a perfect picture, shocking vision. It is a complete 6.39 inch 19.5:9 super AMOLED display with no notch. The light sensor, distance sensor and handset are cleverly hidden at the top and bottom of the screen. The left and right bezels are only 1.75mm, and the upper bezels are 2.22mm. The ultra-high screen ratio is 91.64%, allowing you to enjoy the perfect visual experience.

Elevating Front Camera Perfect combination of electronics and machinery In order to achieve a perfect full screen, the V15 Pro uses an innovative fully automatic adjustable front lens. Inside the fuselage, the precise micro-stepping friction and lifting mechanism is cleverly lowered, and the lifting time is only 0.46 seconds. At the same time in the reliability and safety of the strict design, lifting front lens can withstand strong tension and torsion force, as well as the continuous 300 thousand times of lifting without failure

Super AMOLED Screen The V15 Pro uses a Super AMOLED screen and advanced E2 luminescent materials. It not only has 100% P3 color gamut coverage, 10000001 color system ratio and ultra-high color saturation, but also has lower power consumption. Bring you more vivid, more transparent display effect, see a more colorful and detailed world.

Screen Fingerprint Unlock Vivo leads the industry in screen fingerprint technology, and V15 Pro is upgraded again with the fifth generation photoelectric screen fingerprint. Higher fingerprint pixel density and more intelligent algorithm bring fast, elegant and safe unlock experience,

Light Wave Pattern Design Unique fashion The V15 Pro body adopts light wave design, perfectly integrating technology and fashion. Further make breakthrough in the rhyme color and bring crystal blue and coral red, light wave design lets mobile phone present in different light and shadow angle, can feel elegant and fashion,

32.0MP Front Camera The leading front 32 megapixel camera, ultra high definition pixels, let you selfie more clear, without losing the beauty of details. At the same time, V15 Pro can also provide you with a thin face, beautiful skin, professional light effect and other effects, since it saves the complicated process of retouching pictures, conveniently, a photo is beautiful

Al Triple Cameras V15 Pro rear three camera lens: 48 million four-in-one pixel sensor + 8 million pixels ultra wide angle lens + 5 million pixels virtual lens, with the enhanced A1 algorithm, break through taking is still clear in the dark environment, and do not have to give up the narrow angle of view restrictions, shoot is beautiful beyond your imagination. V15 Pro also upgrades the super night scene, Al body, Al portrait lighting mode, bring you more diverse photography fun.

48.0 MP 4 in 1 Pixel Sensor The V15 Pro main lens has a 1/2.25-inch sensitive area, a large F/1.8 aperture, and 48 million physical pixels in 0.8um size. In order to improve the photosensitive ability and picture quality, V15 Pro uses professional quadrangle-pixel technology to combine four adjacent pixels into a 1.6-um large pixel, and output high-quality effective photos with 12 megapixels, so that you can take photos at night more clearly.

Powerful Performance The V15 Pro has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 675AIE Octa Core processor, a more powerful CPU and GPU, and a low-power, flagship performance experience. At the same time, 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM are configured to ensure the smooth experience of running multiple apps and large-scale games.

  • 675AIE Octa Core Processor
  • 6GB RAM
  • 128GB ROM

Twin-engine Flash Charge The V15 Pro’s thin body is equipped with a large 3700mAh battery, which combined with vivo’s exclusive twin-engine flash charging technology, can be charged up to 24% in 15 minutes. More powerful battery.

Smooth Game V15 Pro has a new game mode version 5.0 to create the best mobile gaming experience. New e-sports mode creates for the game, more effective use of every resource of the phone, so that you are more invested in the game experience. With Dual Turbo Dual, turbo-acceleration engine, the fluency of mainstream applications and the frame-resistant ability of games can be improved by more than 300%, making the experience smoother.

Jovi Smarter Al experience Vivo’s artificial intelligence has been upgraded again, and Jovi has become even more powerful. The V15 Pro is not only equipped with individual Al buttons, but also with Jovi intelligent map recognition, as well as the more powerful vivo customized version of Google Assistant, Jovi, better understand your A1 Assistant. Less

Vivo NEX 4G Phablet Global Version – BLACK Gearbest Coupon [Israel-Arabic]

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39% off Vivo NEX 4G Phablet Global Version – BLACK Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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Vivo NEX 8+128Gb Gearbest Coupon

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40% off Vivo NEX 8+128Gb Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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