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Liushu Intelligent Disinfection Toothbrush Holder

The table is neat and farewell to the mess

  • UV sterilization
  • Air-dried antibacterial
  • Intelligent Induction
  • Easy to take
  • Perforation-free installation
  • Storage
  • Environmental design

Smart Induction
The lid is automatically started and the lid is automatically stopped
Intelligent disinfection toothbrush holder, UV sterilization,effectively avoid bacteria breeding.The door is closed for automatic disinfection, and the door is automatically stopped without UV leakage.

Restassured after disinfection
Like using a new toothbrush every day
Ultraviolet rays destroy the molecular structure of bacteria, comprehensively sterilize bacteria,and effectively protect family health

Zasy installation without punching
Strong adsorption does not fall
Adhere to the wall design, no punching installation. After cleaning the wall with alcohol, press the hanging
board tightly, and then hang the host. 3M Adhesive has strong adsorption and is not easy to drop.Choose a location before pasting to keep the wall dry.

Take care of your family’s mouth
Air-dried antibacterial is healthier. Healthy circulation wind takes away toothbrush moisture,creates a dry environment and effectively inhibits bacterial growth.

Storage dustproof
Avoid secondary pollution
Intimate storage to meet the needs of a family of four. Dustproof cover design to prevent secondary pollution from dust.

Environmentally friendly ABS material
Let’s go with the green
Selection of excellent materials, UV-resistant, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, rounded corners to prevent scratches,use with peace of mind.

Suitable for various wall surfaces
Can be pasted on different walls without fear of humidity.

  • Texture Tile Wall
  • Smooth Tile Wall
  • Glass Wall
  • Wooden Wall
  • Frosted Tile Wall
  • Bathroom Mirror

Details Show

  • TYPE-C charging TYPE-C charging port Convenient and safe
  • Mechanical button One-click on / off Extend battery life
  • Reserve a punch hole Punch hole reserved for hanging plate Can also choose to punch installation


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