Xiaodaijing S0019 Disinfection Kitchen Knife Holder Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Xiaodaijing Disinfection Kitchen Knife Holder

Solving The Problem of Healthy Diet 68 °C High Temperature Drying UV Ultraviolet Light Turbine Convection Ventilation

  • Drying Disinfecting
  • UV Disinfection
  • Ventilated And Dry
  • Click For 40 Minutes To Disinfect
  • Double-Click to Start Cruise Disinfection

Equipped with 2 LED-UV lamps, 

Wavelength: 265-285nm

68 °C High Temperature Drying And Ventilated Xiaodaijing Disinfection Kitchen Knife Holder is equipped with PTC heating device and turbo fan, the temperature can reach 68 °C, and the cutters and tableware can be quickly dried in 20 minutes

  • High Temperature Drying
  • Turbine Convection Ventilation

Dual Mode
Manual Mode / Auto Cruise Mode
Equipped with two modes, click the touch button to open the “Manual Mode”, manual mode up to 40 minutes of drying, ventilation and UV disinfection,long press for 2 seconds to open the “Auto Cruise Mode”, every 4 hours 40 minutes each time.

D Manual Mode Click to touch

Auto Cruise Mode Touch and hold for 2 seconds

Product Details

  • Wave Knife Grid Chopsticks on the left and spoons on the right
  • Non-Slip Bottom
  • High temperature resistant material