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33% off Xiaodong X2 Intelligent Electric Screwdriver - Black 5W...More

33% off Xiaodong X2 Intelligent Electric Screwdriver – Black 5W Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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A new play of stepless speed change

A MINI Intelligent electric screwdriver with all metal fuselage

  • Straight cylinder modeling
  • Built-in gyroscope
  • stepless speed
  • Horizontal operation
  • Vertical operation
  • USB charging
  • LED lighting
  • 18650 lithium battery

6063 aluminum

Precision machining of CNC rod. One anodic oxidation process. Design concept of straight tube type.

Circular vertical operation key

The carefully designed circular operation button has the function of the light, and the ingenious idea of simplifying the key shows the beauty of the appearance of the product, as well as the excellent operation experience for the user.

Red horizontal operation key

Convex key horizontal operation, concave key auxiliary lighting

Ratchet arrangement

When the screwdriver is in the non electric state or the torque exceeds the normal torque range, the self locking device can be started. It is safe to play its self locking function and protect the screws from scratch.

Break through traditional ideas Horizontal and vertical bidirectional operation

Adjust the speed of speed according to the angle of wrist rotation

Clockwise rotary screwdriver fastening screw Counterclockwise screwdriver disassembly screw

Indicator Light

Red / green light indicating screwdriver charging state. Blue light indicating screwdriver working condition.

Not just a screwdriver

It can also assist in lighting

Amateur DIY is unavoidable with the loss of screws

LED lighting auxiliary search for dark angle lost screws

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