Xiaomi AIRMATE Washable Tower Fan Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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24% off Removable Washable Pedestal Bladeless Tower Fan 45W from Xiaomi Youpin Automatic Screen 8 Gears Wind Speed 3 Types of Wind 12H Timing Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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AIRMATE Removable And Washable Tower Fan

  • Automatic screen
  • Memory function
  • 8 Gears air volume
  • 12H Timing
  • Removable And Washable Wind drum
  • Various Types of Wind
  • 12H Timing

8 Gears Wind Speed + 3 Types of Wind 8 Gears standard wind + 3 gears natural wind + 3 gears sleep wind, suitable for a variety of scene needs.

Soft And Comfortable,Long Blowing No Headache 35 curved drum leaves cut more bundles of wind,and the airflow is more delicate so that the wind circulates in every corner of the room.

Scientific Noise Reduction 
Sleep Well Adopting vortex through air duct design, 8-stage wind wheel air supply is more three dimensional and the wind is thinner, which greatly reduces shock and noise.

Three-dimensional Circulating Air Curtain
The outflow from the thrust duct is more concentrated and the air supply is more distant like the curtain.

Natural Wind Large 420cm air outlet design, wide air supply range,fine cross flow air supply 709.2m/h cross flow air volume, always in nature.

Cool and Recyclable 1.1m height, with 70°wide-angle air supply,can blow all corners of the room.

Accelerate Cold Air Cycle With Air Conditioning, The Whole House Is Cool.Wide Angle pendulum with high-grade surging air volume can speed up indoor air flow

Timing And Remote Control No Need to Move Around While Sleeping or Watching Remote control within 5 meters,no need to get up to watch the show,12 hours appointment time.

Textured, Not Occupy Space, Removable And Washable

Three Steps to Easily Remove And Wash

  1. Unscrew the screw
  2. Take out the back cover
  3. Remove the wind drum to clean

Product Details

  • LED Screen 30S Without operation automatic screen
  • Fine Safety Grille
  • Anti-Dumping Heavy Chassis