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Folding Face Mask

KN95 filter / Anti-virus and Anti-haze Folding Stereoscopic Design

  • Anti-droplets
  • Safe and comfort
  • Micro porous filter
  • Multiple filtering

KN95 Level Protection
Isolation filtration efficiency ≥ 95%. The mask uses KN95 grade high-efficiency low-air-resistance filter material.With unique design style, it can breathe smoothly even when worn for a long time.

Multi-layer Filtering
Layer by layer filtration and enhanced protection can effectively block fog thunder, dust, pollen,smoke and germs. It is suitable for fog thunder weather, construction site, hospital, school and other crowded public places.

  • Out layer non-woven fabric Filter large particles, dust and droplets
  • Middle layer melt blown non-woven fabric Strong filtering ability Isolation level kn95
  • Inner non-woven fabric Skin care material Eliminate secondary pollution

If you go to a crowded place, it is recommended to discard it after use. It is not recommended to wear it multiple times.

Breathe freely
Three dimensional design, fully fit face curve,effectively block pollution. Adopt larger filtering area, help to improve filtering capacity and speed,and breathe more freely.

Adjust Nose Bridge Strip Freely
The user-friendly design can adjust the bridge of the nose freely, which is firm and durable. It can adapt to a variety of bridge heights and ensure the fit to the face.


  • Soft texture, skin-friendly material
  • High elastic ear rope for comfortable wearing
  • Free adjustment, fits the face

Product parameters:
Product Name:Anshida Folding Mask
Filtration efficiency: KN95
Product Model: 5220
Specification: 5 pieces / box (one size)
Executive standard: GB2626-2006KN95
Production license: XK02-002-00099
Validity:3 years Less

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