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57% off 5V 5W USB Hot Steam Rest Eye Mask Patch Outdoor Travel Airplane Eyeshade Cover Blindfold from Xiaomi Youpin – Blue Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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USB Heated Hot Steam Eye Mask

  • Eye Encircled Heated
  • Zero Stress
  • 3D Mask
  • Well Heated
  • Simplicity
  • Acupoint Heated
  • Make Up Stay

Air heat transfer. Improve circulation of eyes. Relieve asthenopia. Warm and refresh your eyes.

  • 5V Safety Voltage
  • USB Charge
  • 38-42 Temperature
  • No Radiation

3D eye mask. Zero stress for eyes. Make up stay.

Compatible USB Type-C port for easy operation.

Soft / Breathable / Elastic / Durable
High-quality material for each layer.

30 mins off Timer / Relieve Pressure

Pragmatic item of your trip.

Over-voltage protection circuit / Waterproof Can remove USB and put the mask into water to clean.

≤30°C recommended. Please lightly scrub.

Storage bag included. Convenient to take anywhere.

Integrative process for quality guarantee.

Cold and hot compress promote eyes blood circulation and relieve eye muscle fatigue , dryness dark circles and puffy eyes.

Detail-oriented Craft

  • Pain-free head strap 3.9 inch adjustable
  • Side band Impro comfort
  • 90° angle USB Type-C

Colors Option

  • Light Grey
  • Blue
  • Dark Grey


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