Bobot MOP 8600S Cordless Electric Mop Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code [USA Warehouse]

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Your Best Match for Vaccum Cleaner Vacuum cleaner can clean the hair and dust Cordless mop can clean stubborn stain

One Machine, Multi-functional Use Solve Mopping Problem

Mopping Spraying water,Waxing, Easy solution for Mopping

Four Big Disadvantages of Traditional Mopping

  • Part High Humidity
  • Unhygienic
  • Uneven Dryness and Wetness
  • Replace the water tank halfway

Easy handing with different stains Easy handleing with oil Stain, milk,tea dirt

Three modes, efficiently cleaning
Dry mopping: clean little dust on the tile efficiently; Wet mopping: cleaning the stains efficiently without damage the wooden floor
Waxing: matched with oil, easy for maintaining the wooden floor

  • Dry mopping+ wet rubbing Good cleaning effect
  • Waxing: making your floor clean as new

Exquisite craft

  • Power information Load AAA battery
  • Human engineering handle Confortable experience
  • Stretchable structure design Length could be adjusted
  • Integrated water tank Filling in the water with measuring cup, no need to take the water tank off
  • Rotating ball Flexible using, rotating easily
  • Detachable battery pack Easy to replace the battery and continue cleaning
  • Foot controlling button Slight stepping on it, no need to bent down
  • overhead base Easy to hook the mop, no need to bent down

Superb quality Firm as a rock Using special material for the surface Even two strong man standing on it together won’t make it broken Less

Expires February 28, 2023

Bobot Singfei Win 3060 Robot Window Cleaner Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code [Europe Warehouse]

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Bobot Singfei Win 3060 Best Price DEALS

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  • Intelligent navigation
  • Multiple security protection
  • Power off life
  • Multiple use of one machine

Window cleaning robot peace of mind

  • Brushless Motor
  • Power Outage
  • Safety Anti-drop
  • Imitation Manual Wiping

Intelligent route customization artificial window cleaning Intelligent window cleaning machine can customize a variety of window cleaning routes according to cleaning needs

  • N Word Track Upright glass Wipe from bottom to top
  • Z Word Track Horizontal glass Wipe from bottom to top
  • Automatic Track First N and then Z Double cleaning mode

Intelligent control, intelligent obstacle avoidance

Allegro intelligent route planning, gravity sensor

Smart chip, memory back to the beginning

Vacuum Suction Does Not Fall Off Automatic detection of compensating adsorption force, real-time monitoring of air pressure conditions

  • 2500 pa Vacuum Suction
  • 7.0 kg Vertical Machine Pull

4m safety rope double connector safe double insurance 4 meters power cord + 4 meters safety rope, 150kg safety load, safety rope must be equipped with a lock buckle to start work.

Built-in Probe Sensor For Anti-edge Drop The intelligent system is designed with a built-in Touch-Sensor edge sensor for edge detection.

Power Outage Can Also Continue To Use

  • 40 min Use Time After Power Off
  • 600 mAh mAh Lithium Polymer Battery

Automatically return to the origin after cleaning After the work program is finished, it will automatically return to the starting position. It takes 2.4g wireless to remote control, and only one minute for one square meter.

Lightweight body with security window can also wipe

9.7cm Slim Design Clean most windows with security windows

Sufficiently Used Generally, the gap between the security window and the glass window is sufficient.

Handling More Housework Window cleaning machine not only cleans the window, but also helps you handle more housework.

Multi-functional Housekeeping It can be used for a variety of housekeeping, such as bathroom glass, flat tiles, large desktops, etc.

More use range, glass, tile, mirror and other cleaning.


OBOT3060 Get Code
Expires February 28, 2023

BOBOT MOP 8600 Electric Floor Mop Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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A United States-inspired technology Multi-function Cordless Electric Mop

  • Very convenient and easy to use – there is no need to bend over
  • Just spray the water and wax
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Revolving force
  • Water tank mounting
  • Water jet force
  • Codeless
  • 80° Easy control
  • Lithium ion battery

One-Button Water Spray
Sprays evenly to easily wet the mopping (process)

A powerful torque dual motor drive
250 round per minute (rpm) that runs strongly on both sides which yields high efficient cleaning

It is more possible to effectively clean using the high fiber mopping cloth. With a powerful dual motor torque drive, you can get rid of all dirt before it gets stuck the in the house.

powerful cleaning High fiber mopping cloth + water spray design

To begin with, simply press the button after filling the water in the tank. When the water is sprayed, it scatters evenly; thus, making the cleaning process more convenient.

Are you still cleaning the floor in a traditional way through hand wash or by using an ordinary mop without water spray function?

You are bent over the floor that causes you backache and exhaustion Now stop!

Introducing the integrated water tank, just use a measuring cup to fill it.

Wax oil and water in 1:7 dilution and fill into the tank to polish wooden floor.

World’s first battery-separated design With lithium battery, charging time is short and usage is longer than usual.

Cordless Convenient + Long Time Use
One charge is equivalent to working time of approximate 40 minutes for dry mopping and 30 minutes for wet mopping.

  • May use up to 40 minutes. Once it is charged, you may use it for an average of 35 minutes.
  • Charging time is 2.5 hours. Lithium battery charges faster and is more energy efficient
  • Rated Voltage is 14.4V High efficiency, but low energy consumption
  • Large capacity battery of 2200 mAh It is important to clean every part of your house.

BOBOT Official advice:You have to purchase it with an additional battery pack to be used for a large space and to save time. One battery pack should be charged for use and another one for spare.

Removable and replaceable lithium batteries
Just apply three (3) steps, easy to disassemble and install

It is not difficult to clean in a wide space.
It is possible to control without the burden of wrist, so you can use it to clean every corner.

When you are cleaning a narrow place, you may turn the rod either left or right giving you a smooth and easy control.

The handle could be moved up and down gently; therefore, this movement is very helpful to clean the gap.

Note: When using the machine, be sure that the angle between the handle of machine and ground level is in 80 degrees.

MOP KING can stand independently.Mop height is retractable, portable storage and space saver.

2.4G Remote control design
The design of its remote control does not have any hassle and complicated wires,so it would not be easily damaged.

  • Press the water spray button while the power is switched on to make the cleaning better than usual
  • The power button is used to select power on or off or in a standby state After you finished the mopping please press it again
  • Open the card slot cover located at the top part of the remote control’s handle
  • then place the AAA batteries into it, so now installation is complete.

Brushless motor
heavy duty and long lasting

Energy saver and environment-friendly
Care for the Earth, Adhering to the Design Concept of Energy Low Consumption

Energy-saving lithium battery Fast charging, longer time use than an ordinary battery

The mopping cloth is in high fiber and the magic paste is designed for easy install.
The pink cloths are for mopping while the blue ones are for waxing.Please choose the ideal cloth and attach them to rotating pads.

Mopping Cloth Installation Guide

  1. PINK RUG FOR MOPPING Fold the cloth into half and place it on the center.
  2. PINK RUG FOR MOPPING Half of the folding state is fully expanded, so the operation is now complete.

America’s Simple yet Innovative Cleaning Lifestyle Can be directly spray used water Spray water directly onto dirty places to enable clean craning Don’t be uncomfortable! It’s got a tank. It’s got a dry pod You can start cleaning by spraying immediately where you want Less

BOBOT Mute Mopping Robot Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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BOBOT Intelligent Navigation Mopping Machine

  • Mute disinfection mopping
  • Intelligent planning
  • Imitate artificial mopping

The wet mopping mode can be used with disinfectant water to disinfect the ground

Mute Mopping
Silent mopping the floor, you can hardly hear the sound even at night.

  • Low Noise
  • Smart Planning
  • Power Off Memory
  • Imitate Artificial Mopping

Smart GPS Navigation
Intelligent navigation, Polaris system, analog satellite positioning technology, recording the surrounding environment, built-in gyroscope, precise positioning.

Microfiber Cloth
There are more micro-pores on the superfine fiber bundle structure fabric, which are much smaller than those on ordinary polyester cloth, so it does not wear and contaminate the clean surface.

Wet Mopping and Dry Mopping
Wet mopping without leaving any traces, remove stubborn dirt, dust and garbage, and dry mopping to absorb hair and debris.

  • Dry Mopping Choose wet wipe when the dirt on the ground is heavy
  • Wet Mopping When the ground is less dirty, Can be directly attached to the mopping cloth and dry wipe

Floor Disinfection
Wet mopping the floor with disinfectant water can disinfect the floor of the whole family silently.

Imitate Artificial Mopping
Imitation of the principle of artificial kneeling wipe the floor, deep and fast to achieve deep cleaning of the floor, decontamination without leaving marks.

Wipe Along The Edges
Along the wall corner, furniture corner cleaning mode.

Sensitive Sensor
The sensitive sensor can sense the suspended area at the lower end of the stairs and actively avoid it.

Intelligent and Accurate Calculation
Combined with in-depth scanning to plan and clean up the route, automatically avoid in case of difficulty, flexible to prevent entanglement and not derailment.

Anti-collision Buffer
Suspended buffer design, deceleration buffer to protect the body.

Create A Healthy Environment
The mopping machine can wipe the ground at any time, so that harmful substances such as stains, bacteria, dander, etc. have nowhere to hide.

180 min Dry Mopping & 120 min Wet Mopping
Nickel-metal hydride battery lasts for safer and easier cleaning of large houses.

Power Off Memory
The sensor will draw an accurate base map, and continue to complete the uncleaned area after charging.

Ultra-thin Body 80mm
The bottom is small and flexible, allowing free access to the bottom corners of the furniture, and a wider cleaning range.

BOBOT Smart Navigation Mopping Machine Structure


  • Easy to Storage
  • Classic Structure
  • Quality Material
  • Smart Operation


BOBOT SOP9160 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Mop Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Vacuum and Mop integrated cleaner makes perfect performance

  • Upgrade Performance
  • Powerful suction
  • Efficient Clean

Without me How could you clean the floor?

  • change tradition way of clean
  • Strong power
  • Super clean
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Lithium battery module
  • Cordless design
  • Multi-function clean
  • Enjoy the quiet environment
  • Enjoy the flexibility and light weight

Have you had any of these problems?
Time-consuming and laborious, low efficiency

  • Vacuum Solve the problem of multi vacuuming again and again
  • Mop the floor It’s time-consuming and laborious to vacuum firstlyand mop secondly.

Only 15 minutes to solve the problem which used to take 1 hour to deal with .Clean could never be so more efficient and convenient

*Note: The above parameters are obtained under the ideal environment of BOBOT lab. If you have any questions, please contact customer service.

Technology “hardcore” defends momentum
With a new generation of powerful brushless motors, dust particles could be vacuumed like a piece of cake.

Vacuum and mop at the same time saving time and effort greatly, provides deep clean and shivering floor

  • Multi-function vacuum cleaner
  • No need to do repeat housework

Solve a wide range of cleaning problem with one machine

Vacuum and Mop cleaner=Vacuum cleaner + Electric mop

  • Mop clean immediately
  • Hurricane Suction
  • Strong power

Hurricane power like “whale suction”
There are always some gaps deep in the floor that you could not deal with.BOBOT vacuum and mop integrated cleaner, get over all of above problems

Double-rotation spin pad strong decontamination high-speed double rotation pads, provide big friction
thus improve clean efficiency

Take small area Convenient and Durable cordless design, say goodbye to long wires, easy to clean and store

  • Fast charging
  • Long-lasting 25min

Battery Intelligence Management System
Independent research and development, more stable performance, longer life

  • Circuit protection
  • Reste protection
  • On-charge protection
  • Temperature protection
  • Explosion protection
  • Output protection
  • Anti reverse protection
  • Overload protection

Multi-layer filtration toreject secondary contamination
New filtration method, large centrifugal force could separate dust and air Dust is locked in the cup while air is filtered through by HEPA filter

  • Fresh filtration
  • Easy to wash

Acoustic design provide a quieter environment
New wind duct design, 360-degree wrapped motor reduced noise greatly.Make harsh noises soft and quiet

Dust cup easy to disassemble and clean
Split dust cup, could be disassembled in one hand, easy to dump garbage .Filter could also be removed and cleaned with water Large-capacity dust cup could reach the require men of daily use without pouring dust over and over again

Accessories in the package

  • Mop machine host
  • Vacuum cleaner host
  • Aluminum rod
  • Dust cup
  • Mop clothes
  • HEPA Filter
  • Handle


Xiaomi BOBOT MIN580 Intelligent Mopping Robot Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Mute wiping robot, intelligent planning for 120 square meters

  • Mute wiping
  • Smart planning
  • Quietly rubbing at night
  • Imitation artificial low rub

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MIN580 Intelligent Navigation Wiper Silently rubbing the ground, you can hardly hear the sound even at night, and have a clean room at any time without worrying about the noise.

  • Low Noise
  • Intelligent Planning
  • Power Outage
  • Imitation Manual Wiping

Intelligent Wiper Intelligent GPS Navigation Precision navigation intelligent avoidance obstacle

Microfiber cloth, suction and rub all done Wet wipe: Decontamination leaves no traces, remove stubborn stains, dust and rubbish, dry wipe: absorb hair and debris.

Wet Wipe: decontamination does not leave traces Remove stubborn stains, dust and rubbish from the ground. If the dirt on the ground is heavy, you can choose wet wipe.

Dry Wipe: absorb hair and debris When the ground is dirty, it can be directly attached to the dry cloth.

Imitation of the artificial rubbing method It is a quick and fast cleaning of the bottom plate

Wipe along the edges Clean the corners of the furniture, and wipe easily

Sensitive Sensor, Anti-drop Sensitive sensors avoid stairs, carpets, suspended areas

Dry wipe for 180 minutes, wet wipe for 120 minutes NiMH batteries last longer and safer, easy to clean large rooms

Power off, starting from the suspended area where to sTart from where to pause, the sensor draws a precise base map, and after charging, continues to complete the cleaned area.

Ultra-thin body 80mm cleans the bottom of the furniture Small and flexible, free to enter and exit the bottom and corners of the furniture, the cleaning range is broader