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29% off CARN Pets Smart Ozone Sterilization Comb Electric Combs From Xiaomi Youpin Care Pet Health With TYPE-C Deodorant Efficient Sterilization – White Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Pet sterilization massage comb

Get rid of all the viruses for your pet

-Prevent skin diseases
-Antibacterial deodorization
-Pressure-relief massage
-Green is harmless

  • TYPE-C
  • Ozone Deodorization
  • Green Material
  • Green and fresh

The best care is from the heart 
Keep the virus away from your pet The family pet grows up, it may be around you every step of the way, or it may be sleeping in your arms, its presence adds some color to your life, however, bacteria or viruses are a big problem for you, too many products on the market, worried about the wrong choice will hurt pets, our products, use ozone sterilization away,efficient green sterilization, no chemical harm, with the most thoughtful way to care for your pet

Ozone sterilization base,efficient sterilization
No more germs around with you massage comb, through the plasma ozone ceramic piece rapid production of ozone, to the pet skin, because
ozone gas has strong oxidation, catalytic, can make viruses, bacteria and other fungi protein dissociation denaturation, reduce nucleic acid and enzyme activity,thus play sterilization, bacteriostasis effect,let your pet be free from virus trouble.Type of sterilization: Fungi, Mites and microorganisms, etc

A Green, effective fungicide
No chemical residue and secondary pollution after use Does the disinfectant smell bad? Disinfectant, fear of pet licking? Our products use ozone sterilization principle,and ozone because of its rapid decomposition,combined with the characteristics of oxygen molecules,and no chemical pollution and residues,known as a green fungicide, don’t obsess over unknown side effects and use complex killing products on the market.Just take it go home.

Massage it for 10-15 minutes at a time
Enjoy the massage while keeping the virus at bay Long Button to start work, concentration of ozone,combing it along the hair, use the process, not only for it massage, more sterilization work, 2-3 times a week,each time only 10-15 minutes, can let the pet enjoy easily away from germs, kill two birds with one stone.Don’t let germs become a barrier to happiness.

To absorb the ammonia and turn it into a deodorizer The pet immediately becomes fragrant,gives you fresh and comfortable.

Frosted aluminum sheet design,comfortable to hold Create the appearance of science and technology sense, strengthen the sense of vision

The appearance design of the scientific and technical feeling, improves the visual sense of texture, the length of 9cm, is more portable when used, and the frosted aluminum sheet design of the handle adds a bit of advanced feeling at the same time, brings more comfortable grip feeling, and reduces the possibility of hand soreness, the right amount of friction keeps it from falling off when used.

Switch in the same button,the red and green lights,the working state at a glance “less is more” the whole number only has an o-shaped button, press can switch,Turn on the light is in working state, red light indicates insufficient power, green light indicates sufficient power, easy and quick operation,sterilization and disinfection, it’s supposed to be so simple, so worry-free.

TYPE-C charger port 300mAh battery, one charge,30 hours of work It adopts TYPE-C charging port, which is suitable for most USB ports on the market, and is equipped with 300mAh battery. It can be used for 15 days after charging according to the frequency of 2 times per week

Cats and dogs are universal, There is no hierarchy in love

Ten Years of devotion, just to give the pet the most intimate care We are committed to making high-quality, cost-effective pet products, in-depth understanding of the principles of animal behavior, through continuous research and development, to create functional and good-looking products, while caring for pets, also let you experience our efforts, I hope you and your pet together every minute is full of health and happiness.

Product details

  • Lengthen the massage head Straight to the skin
  • Round Corner To keep it from bumping
  • Frosted coating Good Grip
  • Small and Light Relaxing massage


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