Xiaomi Circle Joy 1 Pump 4 Wine Bottle Stoppers Set Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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44% off Circle Joy 1PC Vacuum Pump 4PCS Mini Bottles Stopper Set Stainless Steel Date Scale Liquid Bottle Stoppers Set From Xiaomi Youpin Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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CIRCLE JOY 1 Pump 4 Wine Bottle Stoppers Set

  • Date Scale Storage
  • Multi-Bottle Use
  • Long-Lasting Preservation
  • Stainless Steel

Multiple Bottles For Long-Lasting Keep Freshness Contains 4 mini wine stoppers, combined with the suction pump body, can realize the preservation of multiple bottles.

Date Scale, Storage Memory Wine stopper with date scale, just need to twist the wine stopper slightly to select the corresponding storage date.

Mini Wine Stopper After use, red wine can be placed horizontally The built-in wine stopper is very small and beautiful. It can be placed horizontally and vertically after being trapped in the bottle, or it can be put in the refrigerator.

Food Contact Grade Silicone Material The stopper is made of food-contact silicone, which is very safe and healthy.

Product Details

  • Comfortable Handle Stainless steel Feel comfortable
  • Telescopic Suction Rod Easy operation Durable
  • Silicone Wine Stopper Food contact grade silicone Safety and health

How To Use

  • First Step Insert the stopper into the bottle mouth
  • Second Step Put the suction pump tightly on the freshness stopper and pull the handle up and down about 15 times
  • Third Step Rotate the date scale ring on the preservative stopper to the corresponding scale to keep the recorded date
  • Open Again When you need to drink, move the valve in the plug left and right, and you can open it when you hear the sound of airflow


Xiaomi CIRCLE JOY CJ-EKPQ04 Sense Wine Opener Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Super Touch Sense Mini Electric Wine Opener. Instant Opening .Super Touch Sense USB Charging .Advanced All Black

Mini Size Powerful Motor: The bottle opener is 18.3 cm high, 4.82 cm in diameter and 275 g in weight. It is very mini and light. With one-button operation, it can open the wine stopper quickly in a few seconds. It is very easy to operate.

All Black Color Matching :The body of the bottle opener is still made of stainless steel. The body is covered with a high-grade black color. It shows the coldness of the metal. It is very fashionable and beautiful.

Strong Core Technology : Using the core technology of Cheer, built-in 16000 rpm high-precision silent motor, strong torque, accurate bottle opening in just a few seconds.

Light Display
USB Interface
Detachable Base
Exclusive Tin Foil Cutter

Intimate Light Tips, Control Power At Any Time :There are 4 battery indicator lights on the top of the bottle opener, you can control the power status at any time, open the bottle and unplug the cork, all have blue light tips, easy to operate.

USB Lithium Battery Fast Charging: It uses a 500 m Ah lithium battery, which is powerful and can be used to open dozens of bottles of red wine. USB universal interface, fast charging.

Innovative Detachable Bottom Cover For Easy Cleaning : CIRCLE JOY Wine Opener has a detachable base that removes the lower end of the bottle opener for cleaning and wipes the inner wall of the PC case.

Exclusive Tin Foil Cutter : The bottle opener is equipped with a Tin Foil Cutter that fits into the bottom of the bottle opener. It is easy to store and use. Just turn it gently to cut the tin foil cap.

Tough, Durable And Safe : The screw hook of the bottle opener is made of high-strength alloy material. It is spun by high-end machine tool, precision sanding, high efficiency and durability. The outer surface is sprayed with FDA food contact grade safety material, which is wear-resistant and safer.

How To Use 

First Step: Hold the bottle Clamp Tin Foil Cutter Rotate left and right Cut the sealed tin foil cap

Second Step : Hold the bottle and bottle opener Align the bottle opener with the bottle mouth Lightly press the end open button Spiral hook automatically rotates into the stopper Pull out the stopper co

Third Step : After the cork is completely pulled out Press the upper end button Spiral hook automatic reversal Exit the cork

Product Details

Body Ratio: Mini Size And Lightweight

Body Color Matching : Advanced Metal Black

Body Texture : Silky Texture, Comfortable Feel

Lighting Display: Power Display, Always In Control

Product Size: 48.2 mm * 183 mm Less