Xiaomi Cleanfly DF500 Air Purifier Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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18% off Cleanfly DF500 White Air Purifier Long-lasting Remove Formaldehyde...More

18% off Cleanfly DF500 White Air Purifier Long-lasting Remove Formaldehyde from Xiaomi Eco-system Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Long-lasting remove formaldehyde air purifier Purify 15 m? room once in 3 minutes

  • 550m3/h high formaldehyde CADR
  • Efficient decomposition of formaldehyde
  • Long-acting active manganese charcoal
  • Anti-interference German formaldehyde sensor
  • 550m3/h formaldehyde CADR
  • 751m3/h particulate matter CADR
  • 10 months long-term removal of formaldehyde
  • Applicable area 90m2
  • German electrochemical sensor
  • Dynamic anion

550m3/h high formaldehyde CADR 3 minutes fast purification

Highly efficient catalytic activity of activated manganese Efficient decomposition of formaldehyde

Long-acting filter absorbs more decomposition of formaldehyde Eliminate frequent replacements and lasting freshness

German anti-interference formaldehyde sensor Master indoor air quality changes

  • High precision
  • Quick response
  • Good anti-toxicity
  • Durable, and reliable

More than formaldehyde Double purification air pollution

DC brushless motor Particles CADR up to 751m3/h

Real-time monitoring of formaldehyde PM2.5 temperature and humidity

  • The air is good Green, indicating air quality level (0-75ug/m3)
  • General air Blue, indicating air quality rating (75~150mg/m3)
  • Poor air Red, indicating air quality level (>150ug/m3)

Three modes one-button switching Automatic mode switching button can switch three modes with one button. Automatic mode: The purifier automatically adjusts the wind speed gear according to the indoor PM2.5. Sleep mode: The wind speed gear is adjusted to the lowest gear, and your sleep is not disturbed. Manual mode: All the lights on the LED screen light up, set the wind speed gear as needed.


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Xiaomi Cleanfly Intelligent Portable Cloth Dryer Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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10% off Cleanfly 600W Intelligent Portable Travel Sterilization Cloth Dryer...More

10% off Cleanfly 600W Intelligent Portable Travel Sterilization Cloth Dryer with Mijia App Linkage from Xiaomi Youpin Remote Switch Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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CLEANFLY INTELLIGENT PORTABLE DRYER Intelligent Sterilization Drying Portable Not Occupy the Land Home Travel Dual-use

  • 60s quick installation
  • Intelligent and efficient drying
  • Child clothes sterilization
  • Quadruple security

Two-way Convection Three-dimensional Cycle Design With two-way convection design, the heat flow quickly fills the entire drying environment, the heat is more concentrated, and the drying is more efficient.

Note: Due to the ambient temperature of the dryer, the actual humidity of the clothes after drying is different, and the drying time of the clothes may be slightly deviated.

Accurate Temperature Control Sterilization Rate of 99.99%* 70°C * precise temperature control, the use of bacteria heat-resistant characteristics, efficient killing of bacteria. The medium temperature drying and suspension design can make the clothes more soft and close to the ironing without hurting the clothes.

Mijia App Linkage Multiple Drying Modes The switch is realized by the Mijia App, and the drying time can be set remotely at any time. Preset six categories * nearly 50 items of clothing drying options, easy to estimate the drying time.

  • The six categories include: tops, bottoms, towels, underwear, socks and other clothing.
  • Remote switch Set the length of dry clothes
  • Nearly 50 of the six categories Clothing drying options

Double Hook for Diverse Use Environments The hook can bear 5kg* weight and the card position is 55mm wide, which is suitable for various environments.

  • Hook load bearing 5kg
  • Severe salt spray test 72h

*Recommendation: Please hang the device on a door that is 3-5cm thick and weighs more than 5kg

High-density Lightweight Spinning Cloth 290g removable cleaning

PTC Electric Ceramic Technology

It weighs only 2.25 kilograms. It can only be used for the size of the bag after storage. It can be easily put into the box, which is light and dexterous and easy to carry.

Quick Installation and Storage

Simple three-step installation:

  1. Unfold the upper support, penetrate cover, and hang it on the hook;
  2. Unfold the lower support and place it on the bottom of the cloth cover;
  3. Place the main unit on the opening of the lower support, and the assembly is completed.

*Multi-scenario Use Meet the needs of home&travel drying

Quadruple Security

  1. Air inlet anti-inhalation protection
  2. Dumping power failure protection
  3. Drop power protection
  4. Temperature monitoring protection


  1. Two-way zipper Durable
  2. Top vent Drying more efficiently
  3. Power cord storage pocket Convenient and neat storage


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