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COSBEAUTY LLLT Laser Hair Growth Cap

  • 80.9 % Clinically effective
  • 18 mars/cm² New hair volume
  • 81pcs Full head coverage
  • 650 nm Medical grade laser wavelength
  • 12 weeks Grow healthy new hair
  • 30 min Smart timing
  • 210 g Ultra light weight
  • 3 items Exclusive patent
  • 10 years Germinal research

LLLT Low Energy Laser Hair Growth Cap

  • 30 minutes home use
  • 12 weeks of healthy rebirth

CFDA Certification 650nm Medical Laser
Accurately reach the roots of hair follicles at 3 to 5mm to protect the hair follicles

  • 650nm Golden wavelength
  • 3~5mm Deep into the root of the hair follicle
  • 5 mw Effective energy

LLLT Activates Hair Follicle Regeneration Provide Hair Growth Energy for Hair Follicles

81 Laser Lights, Full Coverage of the Scalp
It can evenly irradiate every inch of the scalp to provide sufficient and effective laser treatment for hair follicles.

Two Authoritative Certifications, Safe and Effective
It fully complies with the technical requirements for hair growth medical devices to ensure safety and effectiveness.

*The above effect comparison comes from real customers’ feedback from 3 to 6 months of use and has been authorized by consumer portraits. The actual effect varies from person to person

Scientific Growth, Step by Step
Continue to use for 24 weeks, the increase in hair volume can be seen

  • 2 weeks ~ 4 weeks
    Reduced oil output
    Refreshing scalp
  • 8 weeks ~ 12 weeks
    Reduce hair loss
    Strong hair roots
  • 12 weeks ~ 24 weeks
    Activate hair follicles
    New hair
  • 24 weeks ~ 52 weeks
    Continuous hair growth
    Secret Reproduction

The earlier you use LLLT, the more obvious the effect of hair growth
According to internationally defined levels of hair loss, LLLT can treat people with grade I-V hair loss.

LLLT is not suitable for people with high levels of hair loss, most of the hair follicles have been necrotic, and the effect is not good

  • Super Light 210g, no burden on cervical spine
  • Simple Inductive switch
  • Fashion Baseball cap shape

Packing List

  • Outer Packaging
  • Carrying Case
  • Baseball Cap (outer cap)
  • Laser Treatment Device (inner cap)