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Dimi accompanying air pump Super fast charging, only 60 seconds

  • 29L/min large flow
  • DC motor
  • LED lighting
  • One machine with multiple functions
  • Automatic charge stop
  • Long battery life
  • Large screen digital display
  • Slim body
  • Convection cooling fan
  • Type-C charging
  • EVA storage bag
  • Four gas nozzles

It only takes one minute to fill the car Built-in lithium battery for power supply, bid farewell to the troubles of wire throwing and winding of traditional cable car chargers, it can provide a large flow of 29L/min at any time, and it only takes one minute to replenish the car.

When going out, have you encountered these situations ?

  • Tire pressure alarm
  • Flat tire
  • Flat riding tires
  • The bicycle is flat

Quickly replenish qi, just four steps

Step 1: Install the gas pipeline and screw it to fix it.

Step 2: Connect the tire valve and press to fix it.

Step 3: Select the inflation mode and confirm the preset tire pressure.

Step 4: Press the start button to complete the inflation.

The standby time data is from the Dimi laboratory.
The test environment temperature is 25°C and the relative humidity is 60%.
The product is fully charged and remains inactive.
The actual battery life may vary in different environments.

Package Included

  • Dimi air pump X1
  • Storage bag X1
  • Power cable X2
  • Gas pipeline X1
  • Toy gas nozzle X2
  • Ball valve X1
  • Manual X1

* The maximum inflation pressure of the car cannot exceed 7BAR. Bicycle French valve needs to bring its own French to American valve adapter. Inflatable toys, etc. The diameter of the inflatable hole is restricted to 6~12mm Less