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DUNHOME Multi-function Disinfection Box

Sterilization Easily Take care health for the whole family

  • UV Sterilization
  • Anion Deodorization
  • Heating with Constant Temperature
  • Light and Convenient

Easy to fight bacteria
Protect the health for the whole family In the announced Names of Super Bacteria, WHO has pointed
that, there is amount of the bacteria in our daily life that threats the human health. Dunhome Multi-function
Disinfection Box specializes in the disinfection problems of household products. LED UV light kills a variety of bacteria dispels the unpleasant smell by anion, providing protection by constant temperature, triple disinfection model. The whole family can relax for the daily life.

  • Electronics
  • Beauty Personal Care
  • Toys
  • Apparel Fashion Accessories

UV Light is the natural enemy of the bacteria UV Light sterilization uses the UV light with the appropriate wavelength to destroy the molecular structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) in the cells of microorganisms, causing growth cell death and/or regenerative cell death , in order to reach the effect of

CHEN Minghui Biomedicine PhD of University of Pennsylvania Postdoctor of Ohio State University-Columbus

Triple disinfection Healthy life starts from here

LED UV Light 99.9% sterilization rate Dunhome disinfection box uses UVCLED with wavelength of 270nm-280nm which can kill a variety of bacteria on household items effectively. Every time with 5 minutes , rapid and efficient, and the sterilization rate reaches 99.9%.

  • 5 mins rapid disinfection
  • 99.9% Sterilization rate

* DUNHOME disinfection box mainly aims on Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Canidia albicans, etc. which are all over in our daily life and the most common bacterial species in nature. They can be found in air, water, dust and human and animal waste. These bacteria are important murderers of epidemic diseases, and the infections caused by them are firmly in the top three.

Negative ion cleans the unpleasant smell , Fresh the air DUNHOME uses a concentration with 5 million negative ion emitters. The negative ion is known as “air vitamins”, which can purify clothing odor, tableware musty, smelly of the feeding-bottle, etc., better deodorization and sterilization, fresh the air.

*The usage data is from testing report (J27535C)

Constant heat The touchable safety DUNHOME disinfection box is heated by the new generation carbon fiber. The temperature is controlled by MCU at 40-45 oc. The tableware, mobile glasses, makeup tools and other items are clean and warm after disinfection, giving you a touchable safety.

New generation disinfection revolution Faster and more convenient

360° shining More comprehensive in sterilization DUNHOME disinfection box uses innovative UVCLED technology. The power of UVCLED lamp is 7nm-10nm, uses the aluminum foil to reflective ultraviolet light by 360° shining, makes the sterilization more comprehensive. The UVCLED lamp can work 10,000 hours. Each work time is 5 mins, which can be used for 120,000 times to meet the demand of the whole family.

Fashion design Beautiful and convenient

Combined the storage and the disinfection. Care about the fashion and the function at the same time.

Photo sensitizing indicator hole Visible disinfection The oval indicator, the purple light is on during the working time, the visible disinfection progress makes the use much safer.

Light and convenient
Take care of you at anywhere DUNHOME disinfection box weights only 600g, with size of 25cm*21cm*15cm, can be put in the luggage easily, portable to take, which can be your health shield at anywhere and anytime.

Delicate details Exquisite craft

  • Magnet switch Easy to use
  • Excellent handle Easy to take
  • Single holder Easy to handle
  • Double zipper Beautiful and
  • USBInterface Universal Usage
  • Negative ion generator Fresh air


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Xiaomi DUNHOME Smart Disinfection Water Generator Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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DUNHOME Smart Disinfection Water Generator Maker

  • Small Size and portable
  • Easy operation
  • Efficient sterilization
  • Health &Safe
  • 10 Min Fast Making
  • Safe Non-toxic
  • Indoor and outdoor Portable
  • Tasteless refresh not pungent

No need to worry about buying disinfectant
Homemade at home with a single tap
In hard times, invisible bacteria and germs breed indiscriminately,and you need to double disinfection when you go out at home.The portable disinfection water generator allows you to bid farewell to the trouble of queuing up and not buying disinfection water.You can make disinfection water by using only salt and water to eliminate many kinds of bacteria in your home.

10min quickly electrolyzes salt and water to produce sterilized water
Put a spoonful of edible salt and 200ML tap water into the generator and mix it.After being powered on, electrolysis for 10 minutes can be converted into high-efficiency disinfection water, non-toxic and no residue. After the electrolysis of water and common salt, sodium hypochlorite is produced.Sodium hypochlorite disinfectant is recognized in the world as a highly effective bactericide, which can effectively kill various bacteria and viruses, and has a strong sterilization and deodorizing function.

Disinfection at your fingertips.Sterilization rate reaches 99.9%
Self-made natural disinfectant can be sprayed on beauty clothes,baby toys, furniture cabinets, pet supplies, etc.Effective sterilization rate: 99.9%

Safe and mild without irritation
The chlorine concentration of the self-made disinfection water of this product is XXXPPM, which conforms to the National Disinfection Product “Disinfection Technical Specification”.No odor or irritation at home, safe and mild.

-0 Chemical
-No pollution
-No residue
-No harm

  • Power-on status Blue light is on
  • Working Breathing light stays on
  • Finished condition Blue light flashes with beep

One-click control / Smart reminder
Titanium touch buttons, one-touch disinfection water can be prepared,and the breathing light at the bottom of the bottle indicates the working status. After the preparation is completed, there is a beep and it will
automatically switch off.

Semi-automatic spray head . Effective spraying of “invisible” blind corner
Using semi-automatic spray head, 0.03mm micro-pressure spray,Continuously and effectively spraying ultra-fine water mist, which can evenly spray the dead angles that cannot be touched, eliminating bacteria

Small Size Easy to place Easy access
Compact and lightweight, it can be easily placed and sterilized anytime,anywhere.

Practical Healthy Gadget When Going out Or at Home

Clean and disinfect household items
Spray door handles, entrances, carpets, sofas, beds and other household items,It can quickly kill 99.99% of bacteria.

Eliminate kitchen odors
Washing the sink can effectively kill the susceptible bacteria in the kitchen,and irrigate the sewer. It can prevent and stop the odor of the pipeline from flowing back.

Inhibit bacteria Remove pesticide residues
Spraying and cleaning the refrigerator, kill 99.9% of bacteria,It can clean the hard-to-reach hygienic blind corner;Washing vegetables and fruits can also effectively remove pesticide residues.

Cleaning room, toilet
Cleaning toilets, bathtubs, washbasins, etc.Decontamination is easier, and the bathroom is less prone to odor.

Clean toy bottle to protect baby’s health
Sterilize baby-accessible items, clean mouthpieces such as baby bottles,pacifiers,and more thorough sterilization. Less

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Xiaomi DUNHOME Food Disinfection Purification Machine Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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  • Removal of Pesticide Residues
  • 99.99% Sterilization Rate
  • Easy Operation

Note: It is forbidden to add salt to the water during purification. Do not purify salty foods.

  • Micro-electrolytic Disinfection
  • Hypochlorous Acid Purification
  • Three modes for Multiple Uses
  • Deodorizing and Keeping Fresh Nutrition

Eliminate multiple bacteria Hazardous Residue of efficient electrolytic food

99.99% efficient sterilization rate Purification of fruits and vegetables, grains and meat Using 3A current, electrolysis of water ions destroys the molecular chain of pesticides to complete the killing and degradation, and effectively removes pesticide residues, meat hormones and 99.99% bacteria in fruits and vegetables.

  • E.coli
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Salmonella

Three Steps of Electrolytic purification

The first Step of Electrolytic Separation A large amount of hydrogen ions (H +), hydroxyl (. OH), hydroxide (OH-), Hypochlorite (CIO-) and other strong oxidizing ions

Second Step Purification and Degradation Hypochlorous acid destroys the cell walls of pesticide bacteria, making them inactive, achieving killing and degradation effects, Small molecules of water can dial out antibiotics and growth hormones inside the meat, and then degrade by oxidation.

The third step is deodorizing and keeping fresh Bacteria are killed by hypochlorous acid, which slows down the decay or spoilage of the ingredients. Small molecules of water make the fruits and vegetables full of water and fresh. At the same time, it can oxidize and decompose hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and other odorous organic substances.

  • First Step CL-, H2O → (Electrolysis)
  • Step Two OH-, H +, etc., destroy cell wall small molecule water, permeate and dissolve HCIO, OH, etc.
  • Step Three Sterilization / purification / deodorization

Purification of Meat and Seafood When purifying meat, a large amount of foamy small molecular clusters of water can be used to dialyze out the hormones and antibiotics in the meat product, and then oxidatively degrade to remove harmful residues.

Purify Fruits and Vegetables When purifying fruits and vegetables, electrolyzed water ions destroy the cell walls of pesticide residues, making them inactive. At the same time increase the moisture of fruits and vegetables, which is conducive to freshness.

Purify Grains and Eliminate Bacteria When the grain is purified, the hypochlorous acid produced by the electrolyzed water undergoes an auto-oxidation reaction and decomposes to generate oxygen 0, which can quickly kill bacteria and mold.

Three Modes

  • 8 minutes grains
  • 12 minutes fruits and vegetables
  • 15 minutes poultry meat

Lightweight and Easy to Install Wall-mounted bracket design for easy assembly.

  • 3-15V Safety Low Voltage

Separate Purification Bin Separate purification bins are suitable for a variety of purification containers, sinks, vegetables, water basins, etc. Fruits and vegetables, grains, and meat are purified separately

  • Basin
  • Hand sink
  • Vegetable washing box


  • Purification bin handle
  • Waterproof button
  • ABS shell
  • Precision digital display

Installation Introduction

1. Fix the position of the metal plate, align the groove on the back of the product with the hook of the metal plate, and fix the product.

2. Insert the interface of the purification tank into the output port of the host; connect the input port of the host and the power supply with a power cord.

3. After connecting the power supply, put the purification tank into the water and select the purification mode according to the type of ingredients.

Meat Timing: 15min

Fruits and Vegetables Timing: 12min

Cereals Timing: 8min



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