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Hi + Intelligent Sleeping Instrument Relieve Stress and Easy to Sleep

  • Mindfulness Sleep Guidance
  • Improve Sleep
  • Intelligent Control
  • Sound, Light and Smell to Help Sleep
  • Humidification
  • Meditation Guide
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Aromatherapy
  • Red Orange Light Sleep
  • Timing Wake-up

Insomnia Counting Sheep
Hi + Intelligent Sleep Aid Device creates a sleep-aiding atmosphere through multiple senses, relieves tension and promotes sleep

  • 84.7% Workers suffer from sleep problems
  • 48.6% People are still sleepy after getting up

Science Aids Sleep Mindfulness Meditation
Based on MBSR mindfulness decompression therapy, relax the brain through meditation and relieve insomnia and anxiety

  • Solve Sleep Deprivation
  • Develop Sleep Habits
  • Natural Deep Sleep without Dependence

Sound, light and smell at the same time guide Train your sleeping habits

  • Environmental Sleep Aid Comfortable humidity
  • Light Sleep Aid The warm red orange light makes you want to sleep more
  • Sound Sleep Aid Soothing music improves sleep quality
  • Fragrance Sleep Aid Exudes the smell of sweet dreams

Specific light exposure releases melatonin Red orange light is more sleepy

ISmart phone control
Automatically turn off the light when you fall asleep

Smart Timer Wake Up Wake up the sleepy you gently
Set wake-up music, when the alarm time is set,a relaxed and flexible melody will sound slowly

  • Smart Timer Wake Up Wake up the sleepy you gently
  • 4 Songs Automatic spray setting

Ultrasonic Nano Spray
SSilent humidification makes sleep more comfortable Delicate atomization Two-stage spray rate, simultaneously supporting continuous + intermittent spray dual mode,to meet different humidification needs

  • 35 ml/h First Spray
  • 22 ml/h Second Gear Spray

7 Colorful Atmosphere Night Lights Night Soft Lighting Sleep aids are equipped with 7 color LED atmosphere lights

Weaving Sweet Dreams Every Night
Bluetooth connection, one-click playback of music or fairy tales on mobile phones, iPads, babies prefer to listen to easy to sleep with your baby

Bluetooth Wireless Connection
High-fidelity 4.1 Bluetooth technology, the wireless transmission distance is about 0-20 meters

360 °Stereo Sound, Pure Sound Quality Immersive Sound Enjoyment
Only the “good sound” is retained, allowing you to experience the immersive music enjoyment

Unique Minimalist Design
The simple eggshell is used as a prototype, supplemented by a slight matte texture, and the eggshell is translucent

Large Capacity Water Tank Fill it once and moisturize all night
450ml capacity design, 15-hour long-term moisturizing,large diameter easy to clean, to avoid the breeding of bacteria,clean and more hygienic.

  • 450 ml Large Capacity Water Tank
  • 15h Long-lasting Moisturizing

Suitable for Multiple Scenarios

  • Bedroom Sleep Aid
  • Office Relieve Pressure
  • Learn Improve Concentration
  • Yoga Relax

Intimate Details

  • Simple button Easy Mode, Adjust Freely
  • Non-slip Base Prevent Stability, Experience at Ease
  • Large-diameter Water Tank Easy to Clean and Add Water


  • Power Cord x 1
  • Host x1
  • Measuring Cup x 1
  • Manual x 1