Xiaomi inFace Electric Sonic Cleansing Device Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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66% off Xiaomi inFace Electric Deep Facial Cleaning Massage Brush Sonic Face Washing IPX7 Waterproof Silicone Face Cleanser Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Mufti-intensity adjustment Multiple enjoyments of cleansing. There are 3 cleansing massage modes, strong, medium and weak, meeting a variety of skin requirements.

Electric Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

  • Deep cleaning
  • Fine cleansing
  • Soothes the skin

Fine workmanship Select MCU processor, stable efficiency, lower power consumption. High-performance sonic motor, tungsten metal pendulum with motor, control reasonable number Of revolutions, reduce skin pressure. Imported button, ergonomic, soft touch experience. Food-grade silicone, thickened design, safer and more intimate.

Three-dimensional packaging design Reduce bacterial growth, light and compact.

Three-district cleaning Multi-faceted cleansing. Innovative four-colour segmented clean silicone cleansing instrument, precise cleaning area, general cleaning area, deep cleaning area, 3 major sections, targeted cleansing without dead angles, awakening vitality, washing out red and white muscles.

Thick silicone, delicate and gentle Food-grade silicone material, approved by the US FDA, 4.5mrn thick silicone treatment, gentle skin-friendly, does not damage the skin surface, feel smoother, noise-free, and care for your skin.

Flexible brush head for more thorough cleaning The slope of the brush is 15 degrees to O degrees, which fits the direcnon of facial pore growth, and the care is deep and clean.

90 seconds timing cleaning, smart and convenient Less

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