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Jeeback Cervical Instrument TENS Pulse Double Effect Hot Compress

  • L-Shaped Wear
  • Mijia APP

TENS Pulse Massage Thoroughly Relax The Neck Muscles Using the TENS low-frequency pulse principle to simulate three major massage techniques, kneading, scraping, acupuncture and automatic circulation mode. 3 large massage techniques combined with 15 levels of strength to meet the needs of a variety of neck care.

  • 15 Level Strength
  • Kneading
  • Scraping
  • Acupuncture

L-Shaped Balance Wear Guaranteed Fit And Will Not Slip The L-shaped front-end drooping neck fits closer together, moving the core parts of the product to the front end, and the center of gravity moves forward without pressing the neck pulsation, which not only prevents the equipment from slipping, but also ensures that the massage piece and the neck fit closer together.

  • Fashion
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable

360°Omnidirectional Floating Massage Head Flexible Fit, Freedom Of Movement Responding to the neck contours of different groups of people, the G2 is equipped with 3 massage heads, each with a 360° floating applicator system, which maintains a good skin massage effect under free action.

83 Times Deep Massages Per Minute 3 massage head wrapping design, deep massage more areas of the neck, positive poles on both sides of the middle and negative poles, no matter how the user shakes, at least one side of the positive and negative poles can be connected, very convenient to use

  • 3 Heads Surround Design
  • Deep Massage 83time/min

Small And Only 190g Stylish and beautiful, weighing only 190g, very portable

Constant temperature hot compress, double effect soothing G2 adopts constant temperature hot compress technology, with 3 seconds accurate temperature control at 42°C with high-sensitivity sensor, efficient solution to the cold state of the neck, hot compress and massage double effect simultaneously.

  • Constant temperature 42°C
  • Independent hot compress

Mijia APP Control G2 can be controlled by Mijia APP. It is easy to operate and can quickly select your favorite massage mode. One-click memory function can click to quickly restore the last setting.

  • Mijia APP
  • Bluetooth

Only 2 Steps G2 supports remote control operation, Mijia APP operation, Mijia APP with memory function.

Put on G2 Easy to wear G2 Let the electrode pads touch the skin

Short Press To Start Short press the machine round button to start Long press to enter Bluetooth mode

Short Press To Start Single press “M” to open Press and hold “M” for two seconds to turn off heating mode “+ -” control strength Up and down button mode selection

Mijia APP Operation Binding Mijia APP Connect to G2 and enter the function interface. Click the icon to

Product Details

  • Elastic Wall Design Good rebound, strong toughness
  • Micro-Surface Electrode Increase skin contact area
  • Stainless Steel Electrode Austenitic 304 stainless steel electrode Exquisite touch, not allergic
  • Remote Magnetic Device Not easy to lose


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