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JISULIFE Lint Remover

  • Ring Lighting
  • Two-speed Adjustment
  • Strong Power
  • Flashlight Floodlight
  • Two-speed Adjustment Two gear position
  • Plug and Play Charging plug in
  • Honeycomb Protective Net Honeycomb type
  • 2h Endurance 2 hendurance
  • Power-off Protection Power failure

Hair Ball Full Effect Removal

LED Halo Assistment Precision Lock Trim The ring-shaped auxiliary lamp effectively widens the irradiation surface to illuminate the fine hair
balls that are not easy to detect on the surface of the clothes.

Fine Hair Auxiliary Light and Shadow The fine hair ball assists the shaving light

  1. Auxiliary light
  2. Cyclone shaving

Stainless Steel Micro-arc Imitated Honeycomb The three-leaf blade quickly rotates to form a negative pressure area inside the fuselage, which directly transports the adsorbed wool balls to the debris storage box for easy cleaning.

Cyclone shaving
The 8000 rpm powerful motor drives the three-blade sharp blades to rotate at high speed, sweeping once.

  • 7000rpm/min first gear
  • 8000 rpm/min second gear

Two-speed adjustment

  • Sweater coat
  • Thermal underwear
  • Woolen coat
  • Leggings
  • Sofa cushion
  • Seat cushion
  • Plush toy
  • Scarf gloves

Honeycomb net cover Fine hair and coarse hair are compatible with rust steel micro-arc imitating honeycomb net cover,which fits the surface of the clothes and handles fine hair balls and coarse hair balls.

Convenient and Easy Cleaning The debris storage box is detachable and equipped with a semi-permeable PC measuring ruler.

Large Capacity Chip Box Save time and effort

Home Travel Lightweight and convenient, it can care for clothing at any time. You can also carry it on business trips and travels, keeping your clothes tidy at all times.

Comfortable and Delicate Durable The body is made of delicate ABS material,which is tough and wear-resistant.

Safety Protection Device The double protection design prevents the improper use from being injured when the chip storage box and the cutter head are loosened or removed.

1100mAh Large Capacity Lithium Battery 1100mAh rechargeable lithium battery,environmentally friendly, 3 hours charging,capable of working for 120 minutes.

  • 120 minutes battery life
  • 1100 mAh large battery

Rechargeable use Can also be plugged in USB charging solves the trouble of finding power outlets everywhere. Devices such as power banks and power adapters can be powered, and the ball can be flexibly removed.

  • Free USB cable
  • Rechargeable mobile power
  • Rechargeable notebook
  • Rechargeable desktop computer


  • Battery Indicator The red light is always on when it is full, and it flashes when the battery is low.
  • Loose Induction Electric Shock The knife net and the host can only be opened when they are tightly fastened.
  • Removable Three-leaf Blade Refined stainless steel blades can be replaced regularly.


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