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40% off XIAOMI Leband 28×19 Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Sit-Stand Desk Laptop Desk App Control memory function Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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LEBAND Electric Office Computer Lifting Table

  • Electric Lifting
  • Prevent Cervical Spondylosis
  • APP Station Posture Management
  • 15kg Dynamic Load Bearing

Electric Lifting, 15kg Dynamic Load Bearing
The lifting table is driven by a large power motor, and no manual adjustment is required. 14 millet notebooks can be placed at the same time for stable and lift at constant speed.

Working At High Efficiency
Are you facing high-intensity task? Do you feel there is insufficient energy? Why don’t you stand up to reduce the pressure on your spine? This simple action will speed up blood circulation in the brain and improve work efficiency.

Scientific Body Teacher Input your height, it will match suitable height intelligently
When people of different heights are faced with desks of the same height, they can easily form wrong sitting
and standing posture, which Will affect their health. Leban intelligent electric lifting platform can be controlled by APP. Input your height and table height in the mobile APP, the lifting platform will be automatically adjusted to your height, and the height you are accustomed to will be automatically memorized for the next use.

* to ensure the safe use at home, the lifting table iS equipped with child lock function.

  • Access to MIJIA APP
  • Intelligently Set Height
  • Automatic Memory Height

Press Gently, Easy Operation
The brief design enable the lifting process to be finished by pressing gently. The breathing light effect will make the action looks more relaxing.

Various Height For Various People
The desk height could be adjusted between 7.2cm to 40cm. Place it on a 70cm table, it will be suitable for people height 150 – 190cm.

Rising to / Descending to

Exquisite Details

  • High-Intensity Aluminum Alloy Lightweight and not easy to deform
  • Silicone Feet Pad Anti-skid and durable
  • Cable Storage Design Easy to store and good looking
  • Round Corner Prevent from damaging


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