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Xiaomi Weight Scale 2
Accuracy that can be perceived by drinking a glass of water

  • High precision pressure sensor
  • Person-object dual mode
  • Real-time measurement of ideal body weight
  • Body balance assessment

High precision sensor
Accurately perceive the changes in your body every day

The Xiaomi Scale 2 uses a high-precision manganese steel sensor, which can accurately sense changes as small as 50g. Every meal you eat and every glass of water you drink can be easily quantified. At the same time, it provides three units of pounds, kilograms and pounds. Choose to effectively help you manage your weight data in a refined way.

Xiaomi Sports APP, draw your moving curves Open the Xiaomi Sports APP, you can view the data and the curve records of body changes anytime, anywhere, clearly see the process of your own transformation, and you can also talk about fitness plans and diet adjustments according to BMI (Body Mass Index). At the same time, every time your weighing data will be automatically uploaded to the cloud through the APP for unlimited storage.

Less weight is not always better, having an ideal weight is healthier. The Xiaomi Scale 2 is equipped with an ideal weight calculation function, which intelligently calculates the suitable weight for you based on data such as height, age, BMI, etc.

Intelligent analysis, automatically identify each family member. Xiaomi Scale 2 can automatically identify members of the family based on body data, and can support up to 16 members to share, so that the whole family can share. You can also set the guest mode, and the measurement data of others will be kept without trace.

Keeping the body stable, the ability to balance is essential. Balance ability is the basic ability of physical activity, improving balance ability can reduce our risk of falling and joint injury. The Mi Scale 2 is equipped with a body balance ability test function. You can stand on the scale with one foot closed and your eyes closed, and you can know your body balance ability on the APP.

Holding the baby and weighing it, pay attention to the baby’s growth. The Xiaomi Scale 2 supports baby weighing, the parents weigh once alone, and then hold the baby in their arms and weigh them together, the baby’s weight can be automatically calculated. Of course, you can also measure the weight of pets in your home in the same way.

Weigh people or objects, switch intelligently Weigh your parcels and daily necessities as you like. In addition to human body weighing, Xiaomi Scale 2 can also meet the needs of weighing small objects, and can measure still life as low as 100g after it is turned on. Are the melons and fruits you bought enough? How much does it ship quickly? Weighing problems in life can be solved easily.

Simple and beautiful Both in use and in appearance, the Xiaomi Scale 2 is a simple and practical product that can be placed in any home style.

Hidden LED screen, clear display, bringing an integrated look and feel.

Warm white tempered glass, multiple screen printing, finely crafted in 20 processes, sturdy and beautiful.

Rounded corners, CNC precision processing is smooth and delicate, reducing bump damage.

Bluetooth 5.0 Faster and more stable transmission The Xiaomi Weight Scale 2 adopts low-power Bluetooth 5.0 for faster and more stable weight data transmission.

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 Mi Fit App Smart Mi Body Fat Scale

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