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Suspended Lyrics Transparent Bluetooth Speaker

-See and Share Music
-MoodLyric Mood Lyrics
-Minimalist Aesthetics
-HiFi Sound Quality

  • Mood Lyric Mood Lyrics
  • Minimalist Aesthetics
  • HiFi Sound Quality

MoodLyric Mood Screen Make lyrics live with music
MoodLyric emotional lyrics, through real-time analysis of song style MoodLyric also presets dynamic floating graphics, which also has the same wonderful visual enjoyment.

  • Pop Ballad
  • Jazz Blues
  • Heavy Rock
  • Electronic Psychedelic

Pure Sound, Enjoy Every Note The unique diagonal configuration of the speakers and the precisely calculated amount of air in the box which greatly improves the response speed of the speakers and achieves the clear and clear sound of MORRORART.

-100mm Speaker
-10L Resonance Air Volume

Full beauty Mid-range reproduction pure vocals

3 tuning modes for the music world The upgradeable 32-bit control unit provides lightning-fast operation speed for MORRORART

  • SoundHifi Mode
    From double bass to triangle iron, you can hear better than the conductor on stage

SweetVocal Mode Refreshing mid-range vocals, like a live vocal experience

SuperRhythm Mode The surging rhythmic sound waves can’t help the sofa sway

High Transparent Screen Display MORROR ART uses AR-coated glass
Japan’s Mitsubishi Corporation enables the screen to present brightness that is comfortable for the eyes in the dark and can be used happily at night

  • AR coated glass with high transmittance
  • Nano light guide plate with high luminous efficiency

Work for minimalist aesthetics

  • The outside world is exciting enough I want to keep it simple
  • Accompany you to sleep

Wireless Bluetooth Gives You More Freedom
Equipped with Bluetooth Ver4.2, 10 meters effective transmission distance.Fast and stable transmission speed,good sound quality, and not dropped.