Xiaomi OPPLE LED Floor Lamp Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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OPPE LED Floor Lamp

  • 46CM long lampshade
  • Angle adjustable
  • Cellular patent design
  • Blu-ray reduction technology

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More than piano lights Pure white and exquisite appearance, suitable for all kinds of scenes.

The lampshade is about 46 cm long

Easily adjust multiple angles for more flexibility The LED floor lamp is 1.5 meters high and matches various scene applications. At the same time, the lamp pole and the lamp head each have a rotating shaft, and the 1800 self-use adjustment can be freely contracted. More flexible lamp head, more humane experience.

Honeycomb lens patented design Comfortable soft light experience

The preferred LED chip ensures the color rendering of the light, and the color of the object in the illumination area is more and more true and fresh, and the viewing experience of the human eye is comfortable and natural.

Reduce blue light beads to reduce blue light hazards

Comfortable and Safe

Three-speed Brightness Adjustment First gear 16 watts bright mode, second gear 8.7 watts bright mode, third gear 2 watts night light mode.

  • Seiko Chassis Hardware Material Stable and Durable
  • Metal Rotary Axis More Durable
  • Switch Three levels of Brightness Adjustable and on and off


Xiaomi OPPLE USB Charging Mosquito Killer Lamp Gearbest Coupon Promo Code

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Charging Mosquito Killer

  • Physical Mosquito Killing
  • Safe and Environmentally Friendly
  • Long Endurance
  • Lighting and Mosquito Killing 2-in-l
  • Lightwave Trapping Mosquitoes
  • Physical Shock
  • Energy Saving and Low Consumption
  • IPX4 Waterproof

Physical Electrostatic Shock to Kill Mosquitoes, without Any Chemical Substances Volatile Components The light wave is used to attract mosquitoes, and the mosquitoes are electrocuted to death by physical static electricity. The mosquito killing voltage is as high as 500V, and the current is less than 10MA.

  • 500V mosquito killing high voltage
  • <10MA safe current

Small Band Error for Attracting Mosquitoes, High Efficiency for Active Mosquito Trapping Mosquitoes have phototropism and love light waves in the 365nm-395nm band. This product uses 6 high-quality mosquito-inducing lamp beads to attract mosquitoes to fly to the air inlet and kill them by physical static electricity. The effective mosquito killing range is about 30 square meters.

  • 6 mosquito lamp beads
  • 30m² effective mosquito control range

99-99% Pure Gold Filament to Ensure Lasting Stability of The Mosquito Light Source Using high-conductivity and high-conductivity gold as the fire wire, it can effectively ensure that the mosquito trapping light source emits lasting stability during the use of the mosquito killer lamp beads, and improve the efficiency of mosquito killing.

  • Contains 99.99% pure gold filament

Mosquito Killer Lamp, Night Light, Mobile Flashlight The bottom of the mosquito killer lamp is equipped with two modes of soft nightlight and flashlight.When night falls, the warm nightlight can be turned on, and the mosquito killer does not disturb sleep at the same time. When outdoor activities, you can also turn on the flashlight to achieve two-in-one anti-mosquito lighting.

Silent Noise Reduction, Give You A Peaceful Sleep without Mosquitoes Humanized noise reduction design, low decibels for mosquito trapping, allowing you to sleep peacefully without being disturbed.

Built-in 1800mAh Lithium Battery,Lasting Battery Life, Not Afraid of Power Failure Built-in 1800mAh large-capacity lithium battery,long-lasting battery life, battery life can be used alone for 11 hours, lighting alone can be used for 6 hours, mosquito killing, small fire and flashlight can be used for 5.5 hours at the same time.

  • 11h use mosquito control alone
  • 6h separate lighting
  • 5.5h 3 functions simultaneously

Energy Saving and Low Consumption, Charge 100 Times, Consume Only 1KWh The power of the mosquito killer product is 6W It is calculated based on the power consumption of about 10W on a single charge, and only 1KWh is consumed after 100 charges.

  • 5V safe power supply
  • 6W energy saving

Standard USB Interface Data Cable, A Variety of Charging Options Equipped with a standard USB interface data cable, a variety Of charging methods are optional, so you can rest assured to kill mosquitoes anytime, anywhere.

  • Pluggable power bank
  • Pluggable charging head
  • Pluggable computer

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Multi-scenes, Eliminate Mosquitoes Anytime and Anywhere without Waiting The exquisite and compact appearance design can match any home scene. The portable hook design can be placed at any time. 1800mAh large-capacity battery, Outdoor wild Ju is not afraid Of mosquitoes.

  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Balcony
  • Outdoor

Show Details

  • IPX4 Waterproof Clean, easy and convenient
  • Small Gap Design Prevent fingers from entering during use
  • Humanized Hook Design Easy to carry and can be used outdoors
  • Charging Red and Green Lights Green light is saturated, red light is not saturated


Xiaomi OPPLE LED Eye Protection Table Lamp Banggood Coupon Promo Code [1800mAH]

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4000K Warm White Light Shining the Bright Light of Nature

  • Straight Light
  • No Video Flash
  • High Color Rendering Index
  • 3H Charging Life
  • Hardware Shaft
  • Natural Warm White Light

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180° height adjustment is available, the height of the lamp can be adjusted according to individual needs. The illumination area can be accurately positioned to ensure that the lighting effect meets the requirements.

1800mAH Large Capacity Lithium Battery In the Brightest State, the Duration Theory Can Reach 3 hours.