Xiaomi Petoneer FSL020 Pet Water Dispenser 1.9L Banggood Coupon Promo Code

Code Expires November 30, 2019
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18% off Petoneer FSL020 1.9L Pet Automatic Waterer Water Fountain Dog Cat Mute Drinker Pet Hydration Drinking Dispenser From Xiaomi Youpin Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Intelligent circulation filtering, “live” healthy water source

  • Circulating water
  • Four-fold filter indicator light
  • Split design
  • Anti-dry protection
  • Silent pump

Inspired by nature, starting with drinking “live water” Eliminate the way of drinking water backwards, use technology to find natural nature, provide natural fresh water source 24 hours a day, and let every bit of love drink be clean.

New four-fold multi-effect circulation filter to keep pets away from disease Uninterrupted automatic circulation filtration throughout the day to provide a clean water source for pets. Compared with ordinary water dispensers, a high-density filter element consisting of PP cotton, coconut shell activated carbon, ion exchange resin and KDF is added, and the water source is filtered in layers to effectively improve the water quality and protect the pet.

Small size and large capacity, let pets drink quickly Under the compact and simple appearance, there is ample capacity hidden; the water storage bucket can hold up to 1.L of water, which can satisfy cats and small and medium-sized dogs for many days of drinking, even if the shovel officer travels briefly and travels without worry.

Reasonable water surface tilt design, easy to drink good water The 7° tilting engineering design makes it difficult to protect the cervical spine from the water and the comfortable and reasonable angle.

Split design is easy to remove and wash, making you more effortless You can power off without unplugging the main unit, lifting the water tank or lifting the water cover. The interior of the water storage tank is extremely simple, and it is simpler and more time-saving. It is quicker to add water.

When cleaning the cover machine, please disconnect the power supply. Do not directly wash the contacts into the water, use a dry rag to dean the outside.

Smart light reminder, use more peace of mind

  • Blue Flashing The filter has been used for 30 days, prompting you to replace the filter
  • Flashing red water shortage reminder
  • Red & Blue alternately flash once POST/filter life reset successfully

Simple button design operation is simple Only one button is attached to the back of the main unit to discard the extra control switch. Click the button to turn the indicator on or off, and press and hold to reset the filter life. The function of the buttons is streamlined, so that every family member can get started quickly.

Suspended low-pressure silent water pump, new noise reduction upgrade The hanging DC water pump not only facilitates cleaning, but also better reduces the vibration frequency, providing a more comfortable and quiet environment for you and your pet.

Intelligent water level sensing, anti-dry protection Automatically monitor the water level of the storage bucket, the low water level automatically stops working, and the red light flashes at the same time, so you can add water to prevent equipment failure caused by water shortage, and use it safer and safer.

Optional heating components, warm water, care for pets The top cover of the main unit is reserved for the outlet hole, and the optional water dispenser heating component can make the pets drink cold water.


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