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  • One-button Magnetic Suspension Hanging Operation
  • Heating Milk Function
  • Separate Cup
  • Latte Art Cup Design


Three Modes – One Button Start The milk foam machine divides the case into normal temperature (cold) milk foam, hot milk foam, and hot milk. With a single button start, you can make a dense milk foam. When hot milk is used, the machine adopts speed switching to achieve rapid and uniform heating. It does not need to replace the magnetic suspension assembly, which is convenient to use.

Rotating And Stirring Milk Fast Foaming The XIAOMI SCISHARE Milk Foam Machine base is equipped with a DC motor with a top speed of 5500 rpm. When the motor rotates, the magnetic structure of the motor head drives the magnetic suspension assembly with magnetic force in the cup to rotate, which produces milk foam quickly.

Latte Art Cup Design Convenient DIY Latte Art Cup Design, after mixing the milk foam, directly pour the milk foam for drawing, the cup mouth design is convenient to control the flow rate of the milk

Small Size, Large Capacity XIAOMI SCISHARE Milk Foam Machine has a maximum milk capacity of 150ml and a maximum milk volume of 250ml for hot milk,

Micro Switch Shock Safe Use The bottom of the main unit is provided with a micro switch contact, which automatically cuts off when the cup is raised or not leveled, ensuring safe use. In addition, the base is equipped with a temperature control device. In the state of hot milk and milk foam. when the milk temperature in the cup reaches 55 °C, it will automatically stop working, and will not damage the nutrition of milk.

Product Details

  • Round heating plate No need to align position, can be rotated 360°
  • Stainless steel cup 316 stainless steel material, after 13 processing steps, fast heat conduction, not easy to rust and not easily deformed
  • Frosted top cover Silicone sealing ring The inner ring silicone seal ensures that the milk does not overflow when the foamer is working
  • Non-slip design Intimate anti-slip design on the bottom of the main unit, which can effectively prevent shock and reduce noise
  • Ergonomic handle Comfortable grip