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Smart Frog

Desktop, Handheld Cool Breeze

  • DC brushless motor
  • Three speed control
  • Large angle up and down bending and lifting

One machine can be stand and hold for multiple purposes
With built-in iron counterweight, it can stand on the desktop without any extra fixing; With the design of human body mechanics, it can be held in hand, enjoying the cool at close range and not stuffy anywhere.

Three tap position options, switch freely to meet a variety of cooling requirements, one-click switch, the operation is easier.

  • Silent Wind
  • Mid-Range Wind
  • High-end style

The beautiful fan matches the desk better
Smart Frog multi-functional fan, unique compact windmill design, is a beautiful dot on the top of office desk, elegant and simple design, bring cool and refreshing, but also let you keep a good mood all the time.

The original structure of bending and lifting supports 8-84 proof up and down bending and lifting. The breeze blows the face and makes you feel cool. You can enjoy a cool summer as you wish.

  • 8-42 ° up and down adjustment
  • Humanity bending and lifting wind track design
  • 1200mah Battery capacity
  • 4 hours Maximum battery life

Brushless DC Motor Noise Reduction Durable Waiting for up to 2500 Hours
Stable operation, longer service life, safety and energy saving, fine copper winding material,theoretical continuous service life 25000 hours.

*Lifetime duration theoretical value of data source self-Smart Frog lab investigation

The detailed design is more considerate

  • Fixed counterweight Built-in heavy iron block ensures stability as Mount Tai
  • Anti-slip shock-proof The configuration silicone non- slip mat can be effectively anti -slip and shock-resistant when placed on any material desktop.
  • No space occupied Conical base design reduces floor space as much as possible while maintaining stability