Xiaomi SOTHING WT-F11 Mini Water Cooling Fan Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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  • Maximum Wind Speed 3.5m/s
  • Injecting Ordinary Water Cool Down 3-5 °C
  • Injecting Cold Water Cool Down 5-7 °C

One-Piece Water Tank Durable To Use

380ml large capacity water tank Can be used for a long time after filling with water

When water is injected Do not exceed the water line

Uncovering To Add Water Easy and convenient Upper Add Water Design Uncover the water to add water

Add Ice Water Better chilling

Silent Operation Inertial air supply technology is used to make the motor run quieter

Dual Technology Healthy Cool Breeze High-density dust-proof filtered ice curtain, purification system The wind blows out like the natural wind, very cool and comfortable

Soft Warm Light Sleep Peacefully Warm night light to meet the needs of sleep

Color Night Light Design Color adjustment can be done as needed

Hanging Ring Design Unrestricted placement Pick it up anytime, anywhere

Rapid Cooling System Ice-cold cooling system quickly reduces inlet air temperature

Water Curtain Purification

  • Built-In Multiple Water Curtain Filter
  • Effectively consider the dust particles in the air, making it healthier

Water Curtain Can Be Replaced The water curtain can be used for 6-8 months. If it is not used for a long time, it needs to be dried.

Self-Contained Humidification System The water curtain effectively increases the temperature of the airflow Ensure the humidity of the air

Adjustable Air Outlet Manually sweeping the wind up and down Large atmosphere releases air-conditioning

3 Speed Winds