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34% off Taste Plus MOTOMI TP1JC26 Frying Pot 26CM Non-stick Frying Pan for Gas Induction Cooker Egg Pancake Pot Kitchen & Dining Tools Cookware From Xiaomi Youpin Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Taste Plus MOTOMI series 26CM non-stick frying pan

  • Less oil smoke
  • Effectively non-stick
  • Hevenly
  • Wear and durable

More than one pot convenient and fast

  • Decoct
  • Fried
  • Fry

Three-layer reinforced coating technology,strong and durable with long life

  • 3 layer reinforced coating technology
  • 45 minutes minutes ball wear test
  • 2 wear and tear-free test

Rapid heating and energy saving The bottom of the pot adopts a thick double-layer composite structure, which is evenly heated, avoiding the fumes caused by the local temperature being too high.

Safe and anti-scalding, comfortable to the touch The perfect combination of humanized technology and temperature-sensitive color silicone ring and natural beech

Light weight Covers up to 0.9kg, light and easy to use, girls can easily pick up with one hand

Suitable for all kinds of stoves, suitable for multiple energy sources Open fire, natural gas, induction cooker. Electric ceramic heaters. Electric furnace can be applied

Double thickened composite pot bottom, durable and multi-cup compatible
One-time stamping, durable and non-deformation, rapid heating,shorten cooking time.

  • High strength tempered glass Cooking visible explosion-proof
  • EU food can be contacted with silicone seals, locking the original nutrition without loss
  • 26cm mouth diameter, 19.5cm insole diameter, with 8cm pot height, does not occupy kitchen space, convenient storage.
  • Technology temperature-sensitive color silicone ring, a new safe cooking experience

Design Details

  • Bavarian Beech Hand polished, not easy to deform, anti-scalding
  • Color changing silicone ring Anti-scalding
  • Pot coating Smooth appearance and uniform color
  • Curved water drain Broken soup and agile, left-handed and right-handed are just as easy to use.
  • Coin lock design One coin can be disassembled and assembled quickly and easily
  • Silicone sealing cover EU food contact, safe and secure, tightly sealed