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23% off TIJUMP Remote Control Pasteurization Sterilization Cloth Dryer from Xiaomi Youpin 1200W Constant Temperature Drying 360 Minute Timer Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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TIJUMP Cloth Dry Wardrobe

  • 1200W Quick-drying
  • No Bending Operation
  • Even Heating


  • Remote Control
  • Constant Temperature Drying
  • Multi-purpose
  • 360 Minute Timer

Pasteurization The internal temperature of the dryer is 60-65 degrees, which is slightly affected by the external temperature.

360 Minute Timer

T-shirt / Shirt About 60-90min
Cotton / Sweater About 90-120min
Denim Material About 90-180min
Sweater / Bath Towel About 60-150min
Down Coat About 120-200min
Quilt / Thick Cotton About 180-360min

* Drying speed varies depending on outside temperature, the above data is for reference only

1200W High Power Higher thermal efficiency saves drying time.

15KG Stainless Steel Single and double layer large capacity

360° Convection Circulating Clothes Convection hot air design, the heat flow uniformly fills the entire drying environment and penetrates into the internal fibers of the clothes to evaporate moisture.

Balanced Soft Air Drying

High-density Uniforms

  • Breathable
  • High density
  • Insulation

Fabric Upgrade The selection of our outer cover has abandoned the traditional Oxford cloth, and chose a more breathable and easy-to-clean uniform fabric.

  • Oxford Cloth Completely impermeable, steam cannot penetrate the cover
  • Uniform Material Breathable number, steam quickly passes through the cover

No-hole Upgrade

  • Perforated Insufficient temperature inside the clothes dryer takes longer and power.
  • Nonporous Blocking heat reduces waste and increases drying speed in the same time.

Simple Control panel

  • Fast timing
  • 360° remote control
  • No need to bend over

Over Temperature Automatic Power Off Thermostat and fuse have double protection. If the temperature is too high, the power will be cut off immediately and restarted after the temperature is reduced. When the current is too high, the fuse will automatically cut off the circuit, and the fuse needs to be replaced again to start the machine.

Whole Machine Noise Reduction Design

  • 0-20dB barely felt
  • 20-40dB clock ticking sound
  • 40-60dB machine running sound
  • 60-80dB conversation sound


  • Stainless steel buckle with four tubes in the middle layer, easily removable.
  • High-density washable filters, multiple filters for hair, soot, etc.
  • Thick plastic swivel castors for flexible rotation.
  • Covered with dust cloth, full coverage to isolate dust