Xiaomi WAEWOO Bladeless Cooling Fan F9 with Air Purifier Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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14% off WAEWOO Bladeless Cooling Fan F9 with Air Purifier from Xiaomi Youpin Pedestal Fan Low Noise Touch Control 220V 30W Banggood Coupon Promo Code

Banggood Coupon Price :$360.99

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  • Air Purifierl Delicate Cool Wind
  • Ventilation Cycle
  • Natural Low Noise

The fan integrates the purification system into the leafless fan to restore cleanliness

Nano Mineral Crystal HEPA Filter Interception of pollution, continuous circulation of clean cool air, up to 30 air changes per hour. Optimize wind and air supply distance to further accelerate circulation. Fight allergens

  • Formaldehyde 95.2% removal rate
  • PM0.3 Easily filter fine particles
  • TVO C Volatile Organic Compounds Benzene removal rate reaches 89.7%

Patent Air Duct Design Innovate the Coanda core turbine air duct, optimize the air duct design, rely on the Coanda effect to increase pressure, and the volute technology makes the air flow delicate and stable.

Ventilation Cycle Improve the air supply system, successfully reduce the fan’s wind attenuation coefficient, cool air blowing from a long distance, and form a convection indoors to promote indoor ventilation cycle.

9 Gears of Natural Wind

  • Soft and quiet  1-3 gears
  • Cool and comfortable 4-6 gears
  • Refreshing 7-9 gears

Large Area Air Supply Multi-angle wide area air supply

  • 60 ° left and right Wide range of left and right automatic air supply
  • 20 ° pitch up and down Each section is manually adjusted and fixed

Suitable for use with air conditioners Stable wind body accelerates air convection, uniform room temperature

Leafless Design

Remote Control

TIL 12H Appointment Timing

Holographic Screen does not disturb sleep Less

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