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56% off Wiha Zu Hause Electric Power Screwdriver With 8 Highly Matched Batches Multi-purpose Electric Screwdriver From Xiaomi youpin Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Electric power Family disassembly is easy to handle

The high-intensity magnet motor provides electric power, saying goodbye to the tedious work of manual screw-tightening, saving time and effort, and multiplying the effort with half the effort.

Xiaomi Wiha Zu Hause Screwdriver Best Price DEALS

Manual Precision Adjustment Careful protection against injuries to utensils

When the screw is tightened to the torque exceeding the rated value, the self-locking electric mode is changed to manual precise tightening, so as to avoid excessive help, leading to tripping and slipping, effectively protecting the screw and apparatus from damage.

Different torques correspond to different color rings Make Your Work More Efficient

In electric mode, there are two optional torques: 0.4Nm/1Nm, 0.4Nm matching batches with green rings and 1Nm matching batches with orange
rings. According to the screw size required for installation, the corresponding batch head is selected to operate with appropriate torsion to ensure efficiency, while protecting the screw and appliances,

Large Torsion-1Nm Applicable to large items, such as furniture machinery and equipment installation and disassembly.

Small Torsion – 0.4Nm Applicable to small items, such as computer mechanical models, game handles, etc.

8 high matching batches Satisfying multiple needs of life The screwdriver is equipped with 8 different types of batches, which can take into account most of the life use scenarios. The batch head and the main engine are connected by magnetic suction type, which has large suction force and deep connection, and the operation is firm and not loose.

Strong motor Output stability is effortless New powerful motor, high torch output, strong power output through all-metal gearbox, high concentricity, accurate and stable rotation, low noise and high efficiency.

Double LED lamp Easy to deal with the dark environment The front end of the main engine has two LED lights. When working, the lights are on. It is suitable for the shadows. It can fully illuminate the working area without shadows. It is more convenient to operate.

High hardness batch head Excellent quality, strong and durable All batches matched with screwdriver are S2 high hardness batches, hardness up to 60HRC, and double rust-proof treatment, durable.

Octagonal sculpt Comfortable grip The handle is made of ergonomic octagonal shape. The octagonal cross section fits well with the stress surface formed by thumb and forefinger and tiger mouth, which is more conducive to the transmission of strength, comfortable holding and labor-saving operation.

Built-in lithium battery Use persistence without restraint The main engine is equipped with a high performance 18650 power lithium battery with a capacity of 1500 mAh. It takes 1.5 hours to fully charge and can twist about 120 screws in one breath. Peripheral Type-C charging port, equipped with data lines, easy charging. Wireless operation, free and free.

Incidental extension rod Better operation The screwdriver is equipped with a 105mm removable extension rod, which supports narrow space operation and has a wider application range. e extension rod is connected with the main engine with a snap-on connection, which is tightly without shaking and has high concentricity. Less

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