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36% off Yekee Microfiber Disposable Mop Self-squeezing Water Self-cleaning Light Durable Wet Dry Floor Mop from XIAOMI YOUPIN
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YiJie Self-squeezing Water Disposable Mop Since then, say goodbye to the dirty and tired troubles of hand washing mop

  • Self-cleaning
  • Microfiber
  • Wet and dry dual use
  • 360° flexible rotation

Maintain clean ground and care for your hands The disposable mop is not dirty, and the new self-cleaning mode is turned on. The cleaning and wringing of the mop can be completed by one push.

The double-row roller makes the push-pull cleaning and dehydration process more labor-saving by sliding the wheel.

The gray and white microfibers are interlaced and closely arranged, and the long fiber design can effectively absorb oil stains, hair and dust. At the same time, the microfiber and the middle layer sponge of the mop are matched, the water absorption is good, and the bathroom is clean and free from troubles.

When the mop is not in use, it can stand up and only need a storage space for mineral water. At the same time, it can be naturally dried to reduce the growth of bacteria.

One-piece Bottom Plate No glue magic hook is more durable

Ring Hook Design Hanging storage saves space

Light Aluminum Tube Light and durable Less