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23% off NETEASE YOUDAO 2.0 Pro 43 Languages Online Offline Translation AI Smart Translator Voice Photo Real Time Two-way Translate Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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YOUDAO Translator 2.Opro No language barriers Bridging the gap between you and the world

  • YOUDAO Neural Machine Translation
  • Offline translation
  • Oxford Dictionary
  • Compact and portable
  • YOUDAO Neural Machine Translation
  • 43 languages two-way simultaneous translation
  • Offline translation
  • Photo translation
  • Oxford Advanced Leaner’s Dictionary
  • AI voice assistant
  • Light and portable
  • Long battery life

Built-in YOUDAO Neural Machine Translation High-level English-Chinese two-way translation YOUDAO Neural Machine Translation Technology brings you more accurate translation results. It is capable of understanding the complete sentence and polysemy.

Translation comparison (English to Chinese)

YNMT A thousand miles begins with a single step.

Other translator A thousand miles begins with a single step.

43 languages two-way translation Cover 191 countries and regions globally The system needs to be upgraded to V1.2.0 and above

Offline Translation Self-developed offline language model supports 4 languages offline two-way translation: Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean.

Without internet connection, you still can get accurate and quick translation.

Photo Translation Take photo of rode signs and menus and get translation Built-in 5-mega pixel camera. Support 7 languages offline photo translation and 21 languages online photo translation. Vertivcal and horizontal shooting will all be recognized easily.

Built-in Oxford Advanced Learner’s English- Chinese Dictionary Voice words searching. Standard British American accent Experience a more efficient word lookup process Definitions provided by Oxford are comprehensive, accurate and understandable.

Voice Memos Seize the fleeting inspiration Support Chinese and English recording. Convert the voice contents into text. The contents can be shared and exported. Speak and record.

AI Voice Assistant Support speech interaction: adjust volume and screen brightness, check weather forecast, exchange rate, poems and so on. Support given voice to wake. Efficient and convenient.

Bring the translator with you No more language barriers

  • Business negotiation
  • Travelling
  • Language learning
  • Shopping
  • Hanging out

Ordering meal


Offline photo translation

Long Battery Life 1820mAh large capacity battery provides a 6-hour continuous working time when the battery is fully charged. 15-day standby time. Bring it with you when travelling,

  • 1820mAh
  • 6 Hours
  • 15 Days

NOTE: Experimental data only. The figure may vary due to different product versions. The actual product shall govern.

Hidden microphone array Better voice recognition effect Noise reduction microphone array Voice reception distance Accurate voice recognition

HD Touch Screen Clear Display 3.0-inch LCD HD screen 2.5D screen brings you a better operation experience

High performance Adopt main stream smartphone processor Qualcomm Technologies 600 chip. Smooth operation.

5-mega pixel HD camera Support Automatic Focus Guarantee the high image quality. Take pictures and get accurate and quick translation.

High performance speaker Clear and accurate voice Hi-Fi speaker. Clear voice even in a noisy environment.

No special skills required The elders and kids can operate it easily Three buttons in total. Clear and direct interface icon. Convenient operation for all age groups.

Buttons Instruction

Power button Push up to lock/unlock the screen. Push up and hold for 3 seconds to startup/shutdown the device.

Translation buttons Press and speak Release to get voice recognized and translated Less