Xiaomi YOULG Drip Coffee Machine Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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37% off YOULG Coffee Machine Espresso Maker With 652ml Glass Kettle Coffee Powder Filter Anti-Drip Insulation Teapot From Xiaomi Youpin Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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YOULG Drip Coffee Machine

  • One button operation
  • Large capacity
  • 30 seconds anti-drip
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  • Easy to clean
  • Base insulation
  • Multi-Purpose machine

Easy 3 Steps :

  1. Open the top cover and put in the coffee powder.
  2. After adding the pure water to the filter, the scale can be seen.
  3. Put in the glass jug and turn on the switch.

Tips – Correct watering position, add water to the tank

  • 625 ml large capacity, can cook 5 cups of coffee.
  • 30 Seconds Anti-Drip.When pouring out the coffee, you can interrupt the brewing and boiling process at any time. After taking it out, stop the drip automatically within 30 seconds.
  • Base insulation design .Automatic heating of the chassis design, continuous heating under power to maintain the optimal temperature, to ensure the taste of coffee.
  • High-density metal filter .Separate design, easy to disassemble and clean

Product Details

  • Clear water level scale .Visual water mark
  • LED power indicator .When the coffee machine is turned on, the switch will light blue light
  • Non-slip base. Non-slip mat, stable body
  • High temperature resistant glass jug .High temperature heat resistance


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