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One-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer
One-touch shooting of mobile phone videos

  • Anti-shake shooting
  • Portable
  • Desktop stand

Mature Image Stabilization Technology
Yuemi one-axis stabilizer, using 32-bit ARM processor, 6-axis acceleration gyro sensor, flight control stabilization algorithm, dedicated brushless motor magnetic sensor. Powerful movement gyroscope, high-precision motor control and advanced stabilization algorithm, real-time to improve the shake and shake of mobile phones when shooting.

  • 32-bit processor
  • 6-axis sensor

Horizontal Shot Vertical Shot Lock Stable Shot
180-degree automatic horizontal lock, 360 degree horizontal and vertical screen switching, stable shooting at any time is different.

Remote Shooting
Detachable bluetooth design, one-click to start video shooting, remote control blockbuster, control wonderful.

Three-in-one Multifunctional Design

  • Tripod Stabilizer Easy video, live streaming, shooting
  • Handheld Stabilizer Handheld shooting, stable and convenient
  • Telephoto Stabilizer Challenging shooting from a large angle

2 Hours Battery Life
450 mAh capacity battery to meet your daily needs. When the stabilizer is out of power, you can use it as an ordinary selfie stick by tightening the spinner on the stabilizer by hand.

*450 mAh capacity battery for 2 hours. The data comes from the laboratory. The data may vary depending on the use environment. Please refer to the actual use situation.

Easy Install, Easy Operation
Mobile phone clip elastic stretch distance 58-110mm

Integrated Design
Multifunctional one-piece design, with a contracted size of about 190mm, can be easily stored. The net weight of the product is 229g, and it can be carried without burden for outdoor shooting.

Record your life, it can be more vivid
Love to shoot, love life, live intimate companionship in real time, record beautiful moments.

Show Details

  • Detachable bluetooth controller
  • Rotate the shooting angle
  • Double-sided stretch phone clip
  • Silicone anti-skid bottom tripod

Bluetooth Connection Guide
Before taking photos on an Android phone, make sure that the volume key function in the camera settings of
the phone defaults to the shutter key. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn on bluetooth, and wait for the bluetooth light to start flashing. Turn on the mobile phone’s bluetooth to enter the search
state, and click “XMZPG” in the found device. After the connection is successful, the blue light is on.

Reminder of use of gimbal bracket

  • After clamping the phone, keep the phone naturally balanced, then press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to turn on
  • After booting into stable mode, move the stand, the phone always keeps the direction stable

Package List

  • Yuemi single axis stabilizer
  • Manual
  • Three Guarantee Card
  • Avoid the key silicone cover


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