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YUYUEHOME Antibacterial Dirty Sleeping Bag

  • Cotton Antibacterial
  • 60S High Count And High Density
  • Long-Staple Cotton
  • Lightweight And Portable

60S High Support High Density
Full-length long-staple cotton is used, which is very soft and skin-friendly. The high count and high density of
60X60 and soft touch can make you fall asleep faster.

Long-Lasting Antibacterial,Safe And Healthy
Using front-end antibacterial technology,it can effectively inhibit bacteria without harming the normal flora of the skin

≥99% Staphylococcus Aureus
≥98% E.coli
≥88% Candida Albicans

Small And Light Weight
0.6kg for single and 0.8kg for double,very lightweight, small size, easy to carry and store.

Integrated dirt Take care of every part of the body

  • Pillow design Wrap pillows to fit the surface
  • Lengthened eversion opening design Arms can also enjoy cleanliness
  • Anti-tear tape on both sides Will not tear apart
  • Bottom opening Make your feet more free

Easy Storage
The sleeping bag is tiled and can be folded into a storage bag

Can be placed in a washing machine for cleaning

Reactive Printing And Dyeing Process
Adopting high-quality dyes and reactive printing and dyeing technology, non-toxic and tasteless, healthy and safe.


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