Xiaomi Zero Smart 1080P Video Doorbell Banggood Coupon Promo Code [S Enhanced Version]

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24% off [S Enhanced Version] Zero FJ04MLWJ Smart 1080P Video...More

24% off [S Enhanced Version] Zero FJ04MLWJ Smart 1080P Video Doorbell 433MHz Mijia APP Infrared Night Vision PIR Motion-Detection 150 ° Wide Angle Doorbell From Xiaomi Youpin Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Doorway Abnormal Video Notification

  • 156° Wide-Angle
  • Visual Voice-Talking
  • Battery Life Increased By 70%
  • Receive Express Response

24-hour Detection Of Door Abnormalities Mobile short video notification There are ads in the hallway, no express delivery, knocking at the door late at night, etc., all the videos will be automatically recorded and pushed to the mobile phone instantly, making the home safer.

Mobile Remote Visual Voice-Changing Intercom When someone rings the doorbell, they can enter the voice-changing intercom mode, hide their identities, and provide more protection for women’s safety.

Reply To Visitors And Leave Messages Automatically If you go out, you only need to preset the message. When the courier comes in, the doorbell will automatically play the message, and there will be a guest message function later.

This function is only supported by the enhanced version of S. You need to enable the auto reply and video message function in the APP.

Set The Doorway Monitoring Distance Effectively reduce missed shots and misshots 100 ° large PIR detection angle, the longest detection distance can reach 5-6 meters, providing three kinds of detection distances: far, far and near.

Daily Data Summary APP automatically performs daily visitor summary and provides visible data

156 ° Ultra Wide Viewing Angle, 1080P Ultra Clear Video

HD Infrared Night Vision Built-in IR-CUT dual filter automatic switch function, can automatically switch to day and night vision mode according to the brightness of the surrounding light. Using 940nm infrared fill light, no red light at night, no visual pollution.

One-Click Power Saving Optimization Extra long battery life, stable and durable With power saving reminder, one-button intelligent optimization settings, matched with 4 Zero super batteries, achieving long battery life, stable power supply at -10 °C.

Multi-Layer Anti-Lost Protection 3M Adhesive + Forced Alarm + Account Bind 3M strong glue, with the same adhesion strength as rivets. When the device is forcibly removed from the base, an alarm sound will be issued, and the video will be captured, and the cloud account will be bound. If you do not unbind it, others cannot use the doorbell

Free 72-Hour Recurring Cloud Storage No memory card required, no video lost Free cloud storage of videos, no need to buy a storage card, you can view cloud videos at any time, more convenient and safe

Loud Doorbell Receiver The doorbell can be connected to 4 receivers at the same time. The receiver uses encrypted RF connection, the data is more secure, and the ability to pass through the wall is strong.

  • 35 Sound Effects
  • Multi-Level Volume Control
  • Do Not Disturb Settings

Product Details

Nice Appearance It’s beautiful no matter where it is posted

Bayer Fireproof Material Receiver fire rating reaches V1 Safe and reliable


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Xiaomi Zero/Dingling FJ02XWBJT WIFI Smart Window Alarm Kit Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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51% off Dingling FJ02XWBJT WIFI Smart Window Alarm Kit PIR...More

51% off Dingling FJ02XWBJT WIFI Smart Window Alarm Kit PIR Sensor G-Sensor Alarm Work with APP Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Zero Window Smart Alarm Kit Price DEALS

Zero Window Smart Alarm Kit

  • Limit Window Open
  • Smart Connect
  • Sensor Alarm
  • App Push
  • Smart Alarm Window abnormal motion alarm
  • Physical Limit Physically lock the window size
  • WIFI Connect Intelligent Monitoring
  • Sensitive Sensor G-Sensor Monitor

Keep Window Always Safe

  1. Fall Angle
  2. Window Broke
  3. Fire

Keep Child Stay away from Danger Smart Lock the window, the child won’t stick out of the window

Stii it can Protect Our Pet

Both ventilated and safe It’s not that can’t open the window, but open the window within a safe range.

When Living Alone, It’s a Good Helper Vigorously open the window, impact induction alarm. The thief dare not enter.

A Good Defender for Store Glass vibration induction alarm kit, the loud alarm sound will scare away the thieves

One Second Install One Second Open Window Equipped with a disassembly needle, after disassembly does not affect the normal opening and closing.

A Good Helper A Phone can Control Everything Connect with mijia APP, smart control you home life

Function Expansion, More Than a Alarm Kit Smart Connect with Xiaomi Ip camera, Xiaoai bluetooth speaker. control video etc. Less

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