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Left point Xiao Ai 2 generation intelligent moxibustion box

  • Wireless & portable
  • Intelligent temperature control
  • Intelligent interconnection
  • Intelligent cooling

Depart from the extreme, pay tribute to the spirit of geek Health can also be a little smart.Intimate upgrade, reduce the use threshold

Unrestrained wireless portable Keeping up at any time without delay

Note: It is recommended that the time of each use is half an hour, a single full charge, can be used about 3 times, the data is laboratory data, due to different factors such as the use of the scene and the ambient temperature, the actual use time shall prevail.

4000 mAh
1.5 hours
Dual mode
Type-c interface

Comprehensively reduce the threshold for moxibustion Intelligent and precise temperature control

Note: Due to different personal physique, the above suggested mode is for reference only.

  • Comfort moxibustion
  • Moxibustion
  • Interstitial moxibustion
  • Passionate

Smokeless anti-scalding is more intimate Refusing the smell of smoke to affect others

  • No open flame
  • Smokeless
  • Intelligent cooling

Give your back to Xiaoai Mobile phone remote control is simpler

  • OTA upgrade
  • %40 Power display
  • Device sharing

Structure upgrade for more intuitive enjoyment

Optimize the location of moxibustion Say goodbye to finding troubles

Larger LED display

Inspired by the sun Reinterpretation function and practicality

Quality upgrade to create the ultimate health experience

  • Rangle design Rounded
  • Curved screen design Wenrun Ruyu
  • Embedded strap One body
  • Built-in silicone Not easy to fall off
  • Farewell buckle Upgrade lock

Inside and outside, feel the beauty of geeks

Body material

Using PC+ABS Flame retardant Safe and secure

Core heating zone
Use high temperature resistant
PPO material;
Import MCU;
Imported electricity meter chip

Heating plate

Aluminum alloy Product temperature rises quickly

Ai cake

Can also be used Ai Rong, Ai Zhu, Ai Ginger tablets, Chinese medicine and other moxibustion materials

For the love upgrade, the more intimate “Ai” heart gift

Elder Caring for parents, paying attention to health Let Xiao Ai pass on the love of affection

Overtime Blow air conditioning, drink cold drinks Often working overtime, staying up late at night Work is important, health is more important

Female Big aunt hurts. Postpartum recovery Daily use, care and maintenance

Motion Fitness swimming muscle exhaustion Use it often, relax your body without suffering

Good quality, good quality Indecent, not yellow, not soft, not rough

Brand Name: Left Point
Product Name: Left point Xiao Ai 2 generation intelligent moxibustion box set
Product size: 120 mm X 120 mm X 49 mm
Packing size: 222 mm X 168 mm X 93 mm
Temperature setting range: 40-180 °C
Time setting range: 5-60min
Operation method: Mijia APP remote control or touch button control
Display mode: LED light is highlighted Less

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