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36% off YANTU 12V 50s Inflation 300LM Falshlight Air Pump Portable Digital Wireless Dual USB Charging 30 Cylinders For 5 Tyres Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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Wireless 6-in-1 Charge 5 tires continuously, 365 days standby Automatically charge and stop with preset tire pressure, one-button pause, safe pressure control

  • Detachable flashlight
  • Dual USB charging
  • Aviation metal
  • 50S fast inflation
  • 365 days standb
  • Smart charge / stop
  • Family car dual purpose
  • Mobile charging treasure
  • 300LM flashlight
  • Tire pressure test
  • Dual USB jack
  • Stable power
  • Wireless bondage
  • 6600mAh lithium battery
  • Battery reminder

Metal Cylinder, 50s Reinflation

Wireless 5 tires can be charged even when the flame is off, standby for 365 days 18650 lithium battery with large capacity, 1 charge, 5 tires continuous charge, intelligent power display,energy saving and more battery protection.

High-performance lithium battery Sleep control program Reduce circuit loss Adopt 2200Amh * 3 high-performance lithium battery, strict design and selection of circuits and devices, reduce circuit loss, power output efficiency reaches 99%, and maintain each battery unit through BMS management to prevent overcharge, over discharge and over temperature Extend the service life, monitor the battery status, and ensure safe use. Excellent sleep control program, making it reach 365 days

  • 365 days long standby
  • 99% Power output efficiency
  • 18650 large capacity lithium battery

Aviation-grade metal Increased thermal conductivity The exterior surface uses a large-area aviation 7-series aluminum alloy, which increases the area of heat radiation of the movement, thereby ensuring the rapid heat dissipation of the movement and ensuring the reliability and stability of the product.

Metal cylinder 50s replenishment Inflation speed comparable to double 30 cylinders From the compression ratio of the cylinder, stroke, air- tight piston, grease, eccentric wheel, gear meshing sample, connecting rod, motor, movement of the movement, etc., it has been verified and optimized more than 10 times. In order to increase the output power and reduce the power loss, thereby increasing the inflation speed and ensuring small size and high power.

Large screen mirror digital display Pressure measurement accuracy Clearly visible at night Each digital display motherboard has undergone rigorous tests such as high and low temperature, high temperature and high humidity, pressure shock, continuous pressure, and cyclic pressure test to ensure that each product has a pressure measurement accuracy accurate to 1 psi.

Big Digital Dial Accurate Measurement Preset Automatic Cut-out More Safe More Convenience

One-click pause Safe pressure control, stop whenever you want After setting the inflation tire pressure, I am worried about overfilling the tire and want to stop and look at it, but do not want to cut off the power and reset it. During the inflation process, you can pause and check with one click and continue with one touch

Removable Battery Double USB Charge

Operation ofWireIess Mechanical

  1. .lnsert the trachea into the tire
  2. Start the power
  3. 1nflatable, Observe the tire pressure
  4. When the tire pressure comes to 2.5kg/cm2, turning off the power and Unplug the aeration nozzle


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