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YLRC S90 Best Price DEALS

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4K remote camera FLAGSHIP.

  • 4K dual camera
  • ESC camera
  • smart hover

This one will satisfy your travel aerial photography All imagination. 4K HD sensor, excellent smart shooting function, Lightweight and compact body, including a powerful travel shot The drone needs to help you discover the long-lost touch.

  • Dual camera switch Wide perspective
  • 4K HD pixels Cinematic
  • One-click smart return Easy recall
  • wifi HD image transmission Watch in real time
  • Visual hover Stable as Mount Tai
  • Large capacity battery Long battery life
  • Mobile phone gravity sensor In-depth experience
  • Beauty filter Take a blockbuster easily
  • Electric adjustment Camera angle
  • Micro film production Share now
  • 50x zoom shooting Better control
  • Finger flying So fun and interesting

Wifi ESC camera, remote Control the shooting angle You can take the drone shots in the distance Adjust the shooting angle by 90°.

One machine installs the whole world There are always moments in the journey that will hit the heart, and I want to hold it in the palm of my hand forever. Equipped with 4K high-definition image sensor, with amazing light sensitivity The large pixels, faithfully restore every scene that touches you.

Scientific folding design, light body, anytime Travel hand in hand anywhere, more convenient. It’s easy to go anywhere Put it in your pocket

Battery life monster Long battery life
Increase capacity battery Long-lasting enjoyment

Give you double freedom Shooting space With front/bottom dual cameras, free Switch the angle of aerial photography, experience shocking aerial photography The effect, creation is more casual.

4K ESC camera, creation belongs to Your travel masterpiece

  • Modern city
  • vast forest sea
  • blue sea and blue sky
  • Huguang Mountain
  • Xiong Qi Mountains and Rivers

Look at the 4K lens, those Nice scenery along the way

Hovering perception, easy to use Excellent and stable positioning flight system, capable of both indoor and outdoor Keep hovering smoothly, novices can get started easily, As stable as Mount Tai, anyone can fly.

The video can be viewed in real time through the remote control, Let you watch while flying. In place, you can watch Distant beauty

Mobile phone control, gravity sensor Through the mobile phone app, turn on the gravity sensor function, you can use the mobile phone Perform somatosensory control flight, in-depth flight experience, No need for button control, fun and interesting.

50x zoom, no fear of near or distant view Sometimes, during the flight, I want to see the distant scenery clearly. You can zoom in and zoom in for viewing and shooting through the zoom, Let you no longer be afraid of high-altitude vision.

Through the mobile app, you can create real-time For editing, adding special effects, music, etc., And share the excitement instantly.

The app is equipped with trajectory flight function, on the screen Draw the trajectory you want to fly on, then Realize automatic intelligent flight.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqc7XX6TrZk Less