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Single click the power button to switch horizontal and vertical mode FOUR REASONS

HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL SWITCHING Don’t need to adjust the smartphone clamp One key to switch horizontal & vertical shooting

SMALL&PORTABLE&MULTIFUNCTIONAL Small&Portable&Multifunctional Adopt high-precision physical anti-shake technology Beginner-friendly, don’t need adjust the balance

3-AXIS STABILIZED MORE SMOOTH AND STEADY Shoot a smooth and steady video by smartphone like film whether you running or walking

FACE TRACKING&OBJECT TRACKING Lock the target and hands free shooting Whether you jump, running ride or object move the gimbal could successfully follow

FOLDABLE DESIGN Convenient to carry Little occupation of space

INCEPTION Shoot the video same as the interlace of dream and reality, a sense of visual enjoyment

DOLLY ZOOM Smoothing zoom shots, the interlace of vision and space makes the video more attractive

SMART SHOOTING Take photos according to your pose, free your hands

SLOW MOTION PHOTOGRAPHY Freeze a fast-moving subject, won’t missing any details

TIME-LAPSE PHOTOGRAPHY Time lapse shooting by phone as good as take video by dslr cameras, the same scene, but more wonderful

PANORAMA PHOTOGRAPHY 180°/330° panorama with the rule of thirds


SPORT MODE Til cut in action by horizontal and vertical, take cool photos

SMART BEAUTY Support multiple third party beauty software Less