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High And Low Key Layout Circulating discoloration (with breathing effect) like water wave flow, fashion charm


Light effect demonstration

  • F4-wave/colorful horse race: colorful color gradient/ flowing, default wave mode, press again to enter the colorful cycle horse racing mode
  • F5-on/off lighting effect
  • A-press FN+6 to adjust the streamer speed slower
  • %- Press FN+5 to adjust the streamer speed

Specifications Introduction
Product model: G92
Interface type: USB
Product type: Single keypad keyboard
Number of buttons: 35Key
Working voltage: 5.0V ± 5% DC
Working current: 80MAX (MAX)
System support: For IBM PC WIN98SE/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/WIN 7/WIN 10 system compatible
Size(approx.): (L) 173MM * (W) 230MM * (H)
Upper and lower cover material: ABS injection molding material
Button no punch: Support
Macro recording: G1/G2 button
Light effect: RGB, multiple sets of cool light effects, with breathing lights

  • Dynamic sensation effect
  • Macro recording function
  • High and low key layout
  • Engineering hand support
  • Laser carving character
  • Multi-key no punch easy typing

Born for the game, easy to control all kinds of games

Non-slip and wear-resistant pad

  • F1- Press FN+ESC button for about 3 seconds at the same time, the backlight will flash, press the note you want to record, press FN+F1 to store, the backlight will stop flashing, press FN+F1 to play the corresponding content.
  • F2-F2 recording as above (clear the recorded button, press FN+ESC to flash the light and then press FN+F1/F2 to directly clear the corresponding recorded button)
  • F3-This button can cycle light effects 8 kinds of lighting effects: mixed light (default) + 7 kinds of monochromatic light