ZMI TW100 PurPods Pro TWS Earphones Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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26% off ZMI TW100 PurPods Pro TWS Earphones bluetooth V5.2 ANC Dual Active Noise Reduction EQsmart 3 Mic Wireless Earbuds Wireless Charging Sports Headphones Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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ZMI TW100 PurPods Pro Best Price DEALS

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  • ANC Dual active noise reduction
  • 3MIC Call noise reduction
  • headset battery life of 10 hours

ANC Dual active noise reduction
The dual active noise reduction technology of feedforward and feedback microphone can eliminate the extra noise in the external environment and ear canal. The noise reduction depth is up to 35dB. Whether you wear zMi purpodstm pro in the quiet park in the morning or in the crowded downtown, you will have the world.

Noise reduction mode

  • In the subway or coffee shop
  • Excellent active noise reduction capability
  • Weaken the noise and enjoy yourself.

Bridge Mode

  • at an office
  • Listen freely without taking off the headset
  • Don’t miss important reminders.

Speech + FF + FB Technology 3MIC call noise reduction
Equipped with a 3-microphone call noise reduction algorithm, it can eliminate the background environment noise and accurately pick up the call voice. On the way to work or noisy outdoor calls, the other party can also hear clearly.

Adaptive volume
Moving between noisy and quiet environments Adaptive technology skillfully adjusts the volume.

Automatic game mode
With miui system and game acceleration application Automatically enter the game mode when playing the game (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds) is a quick step.

Fast connect Open the cover and connect it
Open the mobile phone of MIUI system, you can automatically pop up the window for Bluetooth pairing, and easily enjoy the new way of intelligent fast connection.

Wireless fast charging
Put it down and you can recharge it

Fast charging

  • Charge for 5 minutes
  • Listen to the song for 2 hours
  • Charge up to 50% of headphones in 15 minutes

Anti sweat and anti splash
Wear in leisure sports to prevent splashing and water, even if you are sweating or splashing on rainy days can also be used with ease.

More comfortable to wear
Three different sizes of earplugs are ergonomic and comfortable to wear for a long time.

Fingertip control
Smart pressure sensitive buttons

More details

  • USB-C charger input
  • Mirror polished PC material
  • LED Logo