ZZUOM 2 In 1 Fully Automatic Espresso Coffee Maker Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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35% off ZZUOM 220V 1000W 2 In 1 Fully Automatic Portable Espresso Coffee Maker Bean Grinder Machine Intelligent Temperature Control Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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2 in 1 Function coffee powder, coffee beans can be used to meet a variety of choices.

Concentration Optional PCB microcomputer, three kinds of concentration to choose from, to create a personalized American coffee.

  1. Put the coffee beans in the filter
  2. Water tank to heat the right amount of drinking water
  3. The lid of the glass lid is closed and placed in the center position
  4. One-click coffee beans/coffee
  5. One-click selection of cups
  6. Finally press the start/stop button to start working

If the baking is shallow and difficult to extract, use a slightly finer grinding.
If the baking is deeper and easier it is to extract, use a slightly coarser grinding.

The Steaming System The steaming system is designed to extract more essence of coffee.

Intelligent Split Cup System According to the water tank tick mark, the glass pot’s tick mark choose a few cups to brew a few quilts, precise control

  1. Disassembly
  2. Cleaning filter
  3. Cleaning the grinder
  4. Cleaning against dripping

Intelligent Temperature Control 92°C More than 92°C, more stable at 92°C, the right temperature can achieve more refined results, to ensure that the coffee taste is pure. Less

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