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$20.99 with coupon code for KY202 Black Bee 4CH 6-Axis 4K Dual Camera Air Gesture Obstacle Avoidance Intelligent Hover RC Helicopter RTF at Banggood.

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Reconnaissance aircraft EXPEDITOD
Obstacle avoidance, induction and double photography

New standard for reconnaissance aircraft

Gesture smart sensing
Inductive flight can be realized through palm Control without remote control operation.

Perceptual obstacle avoidance
Automatic perception of obstacles ahead during flight, Obstacles shall be avoided to avoid collision.

Battle mode
Two reconnaissance aircraft can play in battle, and with sound effects, cool and fun.

HD dual camera
Free switching of aerial camera lens, more shooting range Broad, give you more creative space.

Modular battery
The upgrade adopts independent battery, plug and play, Convenient and fast.

High appearance, smaller and lighter
High imitation military reconnaissance aircraft, full of sense of technology, Small size design, easy to put into the bag.

Military Reconnaissance, Play Different
High simulation modeling and strict proportion design have won many customers’ favorLove and favor, a surprise for you.

Powerful configuration, full performance
Upgrade has a number of new generation flight technologies, no matter in configuration or function, All of them have been tested for many times,and big brands have more confidence.

  • 4K dual camera
  • Air gesture
  • Perceptual obstacle avoidance
  • Intelligent Hover
  • Mobile phone control
  • HD image transmission
  • Modular battery
  • One button demonstration
  • War entertainment
  • Self stabilized gyroscope
  • Multishift speed
  • One touch takeoff and landing

Outstanding delicacy. Every detail.
A variety of interesting flight functions are integrated,Experience the amazing technology.

Air gesture Inductive flight control can be realized through the palm, without the need for remote controllt is easy to control, and anyone can fly.

Upgrade intelligent obstacle avoidance flight, Detect all the time to help you fly without worry. During the flight, it automatically senses the obstacles ahead and avoids them to avoid collisionAircraft, escort your flight.

Air to air combat mode
The two reconnaissance planes can play against each other with sound effects, which is cool and fun. One side aims directly at the other and wins immediately.

Self stabilization of six axis gyroscope
During flight, automatically and intelligently calculate and balance the flight status of reconnaissance aircraft, Prevent side flight, reverse rotation,etc., and control is simpler.

4K dual camera
It is equipped with high-definition aerial camera lens to capture the scenery during flight, Keep the memory, clear and stable picture quality, and restore the wonderful moments.

Intelligent hovering at fixed height
During flight, the reconnaissance aircraft automatically calculates flight altitude and maintains hovering, It is easy to control without always mastering the accelerator.

Mobile HD image transmission
During the flight, you can watch the surveillance plane capture the High definition transmission without delay.

One button demonstration, takeoff and landing
Simple control flight system designed for novices, with a variety of one touch operations Control experience, without complicated control,easy to use.

Landing gear handling
The highly flexible landing gear specially presented by the government can be freely loaded and unloaded, and the landing time is shortlt can effectively protect the fuselage and damage, making it more user-friendly.

Modular battery
The upgrade adopts modular battery design, which is plug and play and easy to exchange. Large capacity battery, durable and durable.

Multi speed selection
Configured with multiple flight speeds, which can be selected according to personal operation proficiency The flight gear is safe and considerate,and the play is more reassuring.

KY202 Black Bee 4CH 6-Axis 4K Dual Camera Air Gesture Obstacle Avoidance Intelligent Hover RC Helicopter RTF

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